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  1. I thought they had an EF mount for NEX that had AF aswell but yeah nothing for M43. Why metabones are dragging this out I will never knowm they would make an absolutely killing if they could get one out now to go with the GH4. I know I have lots of Canon glass id love to add to it, not to mention that stunning 24-70 F2.8 mk2
  2. Digital Camera Warehouse just sent me an email saying they have stock.
  3. Panasonic Australia stated this week on Facebook, no sign of stock though.
  4. DigitalRev like many shops, are trying to exploit the stock shortage by asking big premiums in price. Its happening on ebay also.
  5. My GH4 has arrived from B&H, cost me quite a bit more than buying in Australia but atleast I got it! Already posted some testing against my 1Dx for stills. http://www.terranmedia.com.au/blog/2014/5/3/panasonic-gh4-vs-canon-1dx
  6. Fantastic news if its all true! I don't see how they can get such a lens into the existing form factor though, I hope they don't go making it thicker as its the perfect size as is.
  7. B&H was showing in stock yesterday so I ordered one on the spot, going to cost me a fair bit more compared to buying in Australia but atleast its already shipped and on the way :)
  8. Thats a load off my mind! Many thanks! I have 2 128GB Transcend cards on the way from B&H
  9. Looks interesting! Loving my MK1 still however I wish they would widen the lens to say 24mm?
  10. I just ordered 2 x 128gb U3 Transcends from B&H. Didn't even consider that they might not work in the GH4. Surely Panasonic would have thought about it given the 200mbit bitrate... Anyone from Australia heard any ETA info. So desperate to get my GH4 by May 17th :(
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