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  1. I'm getting one delivered this morning in the US from ephotocraft. Pairing it with the Transcend 64GB card.
  2. That big if is the problem that I'm starting to have with Apple products and why I soured on Sony products. It seems every year with each release of the iPhone for example they add features that most likely could've been in the previous model. The first few products were ground breaking, with each release it's a smaller upgrade and because people tolerate and buy it regardless there's little incentive for them to push themselves further. I don't blame them if that were my business I'd probably so the same thing, but at some point it's going to alienate your consumer base. The same for Sony. They are making great strides while Canon and Nikon seem to be resting on their brand reputation. They add some more FPS, some better ISO performance, while making little other advancements. Eventually they'll lose their market share. People have been waiting for a 7DM2 for what... 4 years now? And a mythical D400 for even longer? But Sony seems to tease us with what they could do and hold back. I'm sure that there are some that would've liked the a7s before they bought the a7 or a7r. Or some that would like 4k internally. But don't worry in about 6-8 Sony will magically stumble pon a new algorithm that will solve internal heating issues and issue a a7i, an a7s that could do the same thing as a a7s but internally, similar to the RX1 and a few months later removing the AA filter and calling it the RX1R, but people bought it so Sony was thrilled.
  3. We'll have to wait and see. If you skip to about 4:30, the rep for the 4k recorder is estimating the combo to cost around $5,000, with the recorder costing around $2,000, leaving the camera at $3,000. I'd be surprised if it were as low as 1,700.
  4. Also if you watch this YouTube video with I think one of the designers of the 4k recorder made with the a7s in ind and skip to around the 4:30 mark, he expects the recorder/camera combo to cost around $5,000. The recorder is expected to retail for around $2,000, so if he's right then the camera will be in the $3,000 range. And then possibly expect the a7 early adopter tax to kick in, if the camera comes out for say... $2,798 then within 6 months expect it to drop anywhere from 15-20% in price.
  5. For me, I'm sticking with my GH4 preorder for a number of reasons. - Articulating screen - Touch screen - better grip/more comfortable to hold - established lineup of lenses (Nocticron looks amazing, as does the new 15 f/1.7) - internal 4k - cheaper most likely Sony does this to us with every release. They come so close to making a complete, breathtaking product but leave something out of it that makes you scratch your head. Almost makes you wonder if they're purposely holding back to get you with the next product. It started with the NEX line (molasses slow lens release), went to the RX1 (sluggish AF, external EVF), then to the a7 line (slowish AF, no touch screen, loud shutter, limited lens release). Not everyone adapts manual glass and some rely on fast AF since it's not all about landscapes and architecture. Another thing that I haven't seen brought up us ergonomics. Yes the a7s is more compact but look at the layout, it's the same as the other a7's. What I mean is by all reports the video record button is in an odd place, offset to the side like that. People either comment how it's too easy to press and they end up accidentally recording a bunch of grass and the inside of the camera bag or it's too difficult to reach comfortably for the times that you want to shoot video. The GH4 like the 5DM3 seem to have it in the right place, not somewhere where you would accidentally press, but easy enough to reach when you want to.
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