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Best budget 1080p Panasonic??


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G7 has beautiful and almost perfect HD. It has a better sensor than G6, which has a beautiful image as well. Gh2 to my eyes has a harsh highlight rolloff and is weaker in low light than G6. I would go for a gh4 with its thick 100 and 200mbit codecs or with a G7, both with good color and the benefit of additional 4k. GH4 body is very sturdy and battery lasts forever, plus it has 100 and 200mbit for 24 to 60p! G7 in HD only goes up to around 28mbit, which is fine in good light.

G6 needs to be graded with some curve tricks in resolve and codec is weak in low light. Though a G6 with 8bit 422 100mbit would be all the camera i would need. Gh4 being that, G7 almost.

I filmed with G6, G7, Gx85 and Gh5, owning the first three. Graded all of them a good deal and Gh4 as well.

Gh3 offers a pretty beefy 50mbit codec and should do better in lowlight and with 50/60p than g6. Watched some great videos with it, but never used one myself. For the price a no brainer with best battery life, great built and great HD afaik. Same battery like Gh4 and Gh5 i think.

I really recommend reading and watching Andrews reviews. They are highly informative and entertaining!

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I never was a big fan of the GH4 color science. Really liked the G7 that came a year later. But the GH4 does a ton more stuff for not a lot more money. The old GH2 with some of the off the wall builds are interesting but not perfect HD by any means. More along the lines of a OG BMPCC than Clinical like the newer stuff, especially the G7. Overall GH4 hard to beat for a one size fits all.

I have had all you mentioned but the G6. I just bought another A7s original, now talk about good HD.

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1 hour ago, webrunner5 said:

By the way I just sold my Panny GH5 a few weeks ago because I didn't like the CS on it, so what do I know lol. But WoW the stabilization on it if you have a lens with Power IOS was pretty Dope.

The GH5's 1080p codecs are one of it's best features I think - 200Mbps, ALL-I, 422, 10-bit, downsampled.  Available in 24/25 and 50/60p too, all with HLG.

I agree about the colour science though, unfortunately, it's not the best.  Every Panasonic camera since the GH5 has had a small but notable improvement to the colour science though, so I'm hoping the GH6 will be the best colour science yet, which would be great.  If the GH6 had dual-ISO and great colour science it would fix two of the biggest weaknesses of the GH5, for me at least, and I think those are both quite likely.

But, like all things, time will tell 🙂 

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13 hours ago, dreamplayhouse said:

Looking to purchase a very good 1080p Panasonic and wondering out of these few, which would be best?

I'd agree with the others that out of that list the GH4 is the one I'd go for, with the G7 second.

But if your budget will run to a good used GH4, I'd also seriously suggest trying to stretch it maybe 25% further to a used G9, which is in a different league (GH5-level) of 1080p picture quality with up to 10-bit 4:2:2 100Mbps capability (plus you get 4k @ 24/25/30p up to 10bit 4:2:0 150Mbps and 4k50/60p up to 8bit 4:2:0). It's also got better IBIS and video AF than the GH5 (mk1). Main downsides (versus the GH series) are 30 minute max record times per clip (10 mins for 4k50/60p), no All-I or > 150Mbps codecs and no 1080p @ 24p recording - which has always been a weird limitation, as it does offer 4k @ 24p recording.

(In the UK, used G9s from dealers are around £500 - £650 at the moment, which is excellent value for such a capable camera)

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On 12/23/2021 at 5:19 PM, PannySVHS said:

@webrunner5 So, so, A7s, now you got perfect HD with not so perfect colours. Would make a perfect BW cinema image though.:)

Yeah I admit the colours are sort of wonky in todays standards but I think that is why I like it. Sort of like American West Coast Grunge Music. Gritty and great at the same time. A Modern OG BMPCC, well not that good but you get the point. But yeah to be honest I don't think I have ever tried BW on one so yeah I think you are onto something.

I just like how you can approach Photography, Video with a whole new mindset of doing both in low light situations you would never consider on a "normal" camera. Although I am not much into getting up before the sun rises LoL.


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GX7 was a fav of mine.  

That had some great IQ mojo.  I like the image better than my GH5.

I'd shoot with that thing again without hesitation.  Still bummed I lost that camera.

It had the weirdest glitch though.  You can't do 60p with a 60shutter speed.  You had to set the shutter to 125 for the camera to legitimately record 60 frames per second.  60p/60ss would result in a 30p video...even though it would register as 59.97 in the meta data.  Damndest thing.

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Man, film look is all about time (not colour space, resolution, etc.), i.e., shutter speed, people today tend to forget it : )

Reason why the "2021 cameras" smartphones are made by stupid and ignorant manufacturers' developers who don't understand a bit about what they're doing : X

Once we're entering in 2022, let's hope one day this will change! ;- )

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@dreamplayhouse So, which of the cameras are in your closer circle of choices? I would say, go for a GH4, same HD resolution as G6, G7, GH3, with the benefit of a professional grade body, when it comes to DSLMs. It has up to 200mbit All-Intra and 60p in HD mode, best in class battery life and the additional beautiful 4K.

If GX7 had a 50mbit or better 100mbit codec, I would propably get one of these even now. As fuzzy said, beautiful colour response from what I got to see on vimeo back then.

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