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Any other EOSHD'ers trying the whole YouTube thing?


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54 minutes ago, Mark Romero 2 said:

Is this a legendary "Morry Thou" of Stranglers infamy?

Weirdly enough, my mom as a college kid had a Morris 1000. And, like mentioned, I ended up with a 1960 Mini 850.  A bit remarkable considering both of us were from the USA Midwest, and these old English cars were very rare...but pretty cool to my eye.

As a kid only 15 years old without a job, I committed to working for my mom for 6 months on a house project...and she gave me the extra $200 I needed to buy the mini.

I guess somewhat similar to the Strangler’s song?

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Sadly I haven't done any uploads this year, for two major reasons: I've been working on some BIG SHOWS thus I can't film behind the scenes with them like I normally do, and I'm also just too flat out busy working 100hrs weeks and lack the down time to think about much else. 

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Skip the background music or turn it way down. It's competing with your voice, and while it might work in a quiet room you have to remember that half of the audience will listen to it while on a noisy subway or in the shower.

I am looking forward to seeing future videos. You've got the technique down (short and fairly well paces), but finding interesting topics will be key to keep the audience attention.

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@Parker Nice honest channel launch - subscribed!

A request if I may...  or two... 🙂

1) Please talk about the most advanced topics you are comfortable talking about.  I say this because everyone else seems to start with the basics and never gets past them.  This will be a lot of work in the writing stage for each video, but will also help you as talking about something forces you to really understand it.

2) Please talk about how to create a story from the footage that you get.  What I mean is, when shooting weddings and the little one-day profiles, you find the story in the edit instead of planning it beforehand.  Obviously I know that these things have a bit of predictability to them, but there's definitely an art to finding the story in the edit.

On 5/24/2021 at 1:29 PM, Parker said:

@UncleBobsPhotographyyeah I was going back and forth about whether or not I should use music, I'm so used to always adding it to client testimonials and marketing spots in my professional work but it feel a little unnecessary for YouTube. Thanks for the feedback! 

I watched the video with isolating headphones and found it fine.

Maybe you should balance your voice with the music on headphones and then turn the music down by 3dB more or something as a bit of a safety margin for less pristine listening conditions.  It would make the mixing phase pretty straight-foward to have a rule like that.

On 5/23/2021 at 12:45 AM, Mark Romero 2 said:

@ParkerOld school focusing trick for self shooting. 

From where you will be sitting / standing, take the camera and focus on the tripod where you will be placing the camera.

Of course, doesn't help for framing or exposure, but it's a start.

Or better yet, get a traditional musician-style microphone stand and arrange it so the bar is horizontal, put a colour checker where your head will be, focus on It, hit record, then go sit down and just push the horizontal bar out of the way (it will just pivot out of shot) and not only will you be in focus, but you'll also have a colour checker at the start of every shot.  You could also mount a small whiteboard to use as a slate for future shot identification, and you can put the mic stand to the side out of shot so no having to put a tripod on the chair where you'll be sitting.  Also, on the next shot you can just swing it back into place again without having to move the whole stand.

Alternatively, you could hang something from the boom mic, which should be almost directly over your head and just out of shot.

On 5/23/2021 at 6:51 AM, fuzzynormal said:

Im'a gonna make a channel about my current adventure of re-aquiring of the very same Morris Minor Mini I bought as a 15 year old in 1984...and then trying to refurbish it with almost no knowledge and wisdom of mechanics and welding. 

So, yeah, just started "filming" yesterday.  I've decided I'm not going to try and make it professional at all.  I just want to raw document my process over the next....5 years or so of rebuilding the thing.

So, no designs at being commercial or successful at the channel, just doing it to do it.

Awesome!  Content is king, so as long as you make the videos edited nice enough to not be unwatchable, then just film it and get it out there.  I watch far more content of people doing things (building houses, machining, travelling, renovating, etc) than I watch professionally edited stuff, simply because it's mostly more interesting.  

It's pretty hard to be a good enough writer that you can match the authenticity of someone who just opens their mouth and speaks in response to life, it's pretty hard to be a good enough actor that you can match the authenticity of someone who is actually living in their characters shoes and is genuinely seeing things happen and reacting for the first time, and it's pretty darn hard to write a story that is as surprising but logical and plausible as reality itself.

This is what film-makers find hard to understand about vlogging or content creators.  Their film-making mostly sucks, but the acting and story is equal to that of the pinnacle that Hollywood has to offer.

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@kyethanks for the feedback! I'm definitely not trying to aim any future content toward beginners, really. There's enough of it out there already. And thanks for the story-based idea, in a future episode I've planned to talk about how I approach an interview with the edit already in mind, what sorts of questions — in my experience — often elicit the best responses, and I would like to do an editing episode as well, as far as how I approach the whittling-down process and find a hopefully clear arc of beginning, middle, and end, I think a lot of that stuff can be a little mysterious for a lot of people.

Also, I watched your little death star video, definitely made me chuckle. 

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