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NX1, baby!


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2 hours ago, Dustin said:

Video was hilarious!! It’s also still amazing that Samsung introduced all of that in 2014. So far ahead of the curve. But then left! 

Much smarter for them to sell 100s of millions of (maybe billions?) of smartphone components than probably single digit millions of DSLR style mirrorless camera.

However, they showed that even to this day it seems the camera companies are holding back on all fronts.

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Ι just can't justify leaving my NX kit to die. I have 2 NX1 and 1 NX500 and 1 NX3000 with multiple NX lenses, adapters, flash units (Metz/Samsung), extra batteries, chargers, almost everything.

It is not the best overal anymore, but still is No1 for me in:

A) ergonomics B) menu system and touch interface C) battery life (I still use the original batteries!)

D) there are at least 3-4-5 ways to do things, even an Fn button on lenses, touch screen, top dials, small screen at top, excellent screen and viewfinder, amazing wheels, just everything

E) never heats up! in the worst conditions, tested by me, in boats in the summer, in mid0-day weddings in tiny sun scorched islands, in 150min shows 

F) the 16-50 2-2.8f zoom is still a unique selling point, I never bothered with the Sigma 18-35mm because of this lens (for almost the whole range of the Sigma is just 0.2-0.4f difference, AND stabilized, and probably better focusing)

I even shoot multicam setups.

For every 8bit project, or photo session, I am just covered. and they are so beautiful to hold, if anyone has hold one, just knows what I mean..

I will move eventually, but until now nothing has moved me to the point of invest 10-15.000euros to make a similar setup. RF probably will be, I have EF glass too, but I am waiting to see how it will unfold. 

Even the tiny NX500 is the camera I have used the most in my life, my everyday cam, B or C cam in different professional setups, the one I use now that I work as an assistant director, always in my main NX1 bag as a backup (or B cam), just so small and beatufil and (Sony do you hear?!) 2 wheels! 

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Still have my NX1, but for the most part of my work, the G85 has replaced it. Never matched the IQ though, but since I picked the G85 up, I cannot work without the IBIS.

My NX1 though is pretty scarred. The rubber grip has lost some pieces, the screen almost gave up, but I fixed it, still cannot be tilted anymore without losing the picture. The rear, flat wheel stopped working and the top mode dial sometimes switches from video to C1. The card door has lost some rubber, and the sensor is very dirty 😄

Yesterday got my newest camera. The IQ of the NX1 (ok, probably better) and the IBIS of G85 (ok, a bit worse I think) - the Lumix S1. Huge and heavy compared to the NX1.

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