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Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras

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10 minutes ago, MrSMW said:


More than a bit pissed off with all the camera companies right now. Every single one cripples in some degree or another everything they are putting out for no apparent reason other than they can. It's just fucking weird! 🙄

Agree! I don't really fancy much of what's on offer.
I'd think about getting a video only cam, but the blackmagic is M/3 or bloody eos mount.  The z-cam has similar caveats.  AN d besides I dont mind being pampered now and then with an auto mode that actually works. Or Ibis. Or autofocus. Oy vey! I think I better think it out again



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I don't know what's going on here but it's not like they have a cinema line to protect... Panasonic could have that excuse, but don't use it and just have the somewhat iffy AF issue. Canon a

I agree and unless you absolutely need in camera 4K 60p or twin card slots, these cameras are still as good as the day they were launched. It’s not like anyone had a gun to their head to buy them

I believe it is all 8bit internal, the 10bit is still reserved only for HDMI output. So no internal 10bit codec. It's one of the laziest half hearted re-releases I've ever witnessed. So

6 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

It's one of the laziest half hearted re-releases I've ever witnessed.

Sony going to be outselling them 10 to 1 at this rate.

My thoughts too...

It looks like the 'Expeed 6' processors can't handle 10-bit video compression, otherwise surely they would have 10-bit internal recording by now?

What have they been doing, processor development wise, for the last two years?

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I can live with the promised 4K60 APS-C crop, but the lack of internal 10-bit is absolutely disappointing. I could even do without internal N-Log if the 10-bit internal had a flat picture profile. I still cannot believe it. Nikon lenses looks superb, ergos are nice and they introduced the new batteries with improved autofocus, but somehow lack 10-bit internal ?! Geeez

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Just now, Timotheus said:

Didn't see this before, but external BRAW seems like a pretty big deal?


Again, I would argue that for the price point they are pretty good.

It would be if Blackmagic recorders were not complete and utter garbage. I owned the 12G and it had horrific input and output lag. 

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Is the Z6 II's 4k60 actually APS-C? Everyone's talking as though it is, but this part of the press release makes it sound like it's full-frame (emphasis mine):

"Building on the vast pro-caliber video capabilities of the Z 6, the Z 6II is capable of recording 4K UHD video quality with full pixel readout, demonstrating the advantages of mirrorless technology. The camera is capable of a variety of frame rates, including 4K UHD 60p with full pixel readout, which is planned to be available in February 2021 via a firmware update."

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From the Nikon US website for the Z-6ii:


This is what a hybrid still and video mirrorless camera is meant to be. 24.5MP BSI sensor and high-speed shooting with the buffer capacity to match. 4K Ultra HD video at 60p*. Outstanding low-light capabilities. Next-generation autofocus. The power of dual processors. Two card slots. Tons of creative features. Flexible power options. Compatibility with a vertical battery grip. Wireless connectivity with smartphones and laptops and so much more.

*8-Bit and DX-crop mode only

...and for the Z-7ii:


It’s here. Bring the Z 7II’s superb image quality to your video work. For maximum definition and flexibility, record 4K Ultra HD at 60p*, 30p, 25p or 24p. Or create silky smooth slow motion sequences with 120p Full HD.

*8-bit and FX format (93% of sensor UHD coverage) only.


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37 minutes ago, arant.joseph said:

I've been sitting on the d750 for many years now.  Overall it's a wonderful camera, but I have been waiting for Nikon to give me a reason to upgrade.  Still waiting...

Yeah honestly if I was serious into stills I'd probably get the D750. Nothing really touches that sensor and DSLR AF is amazing. 

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