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I'm on the judges panel for the Sony PROduction Awards 2014 - Win a FS700!

Andrew Reid

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The Sony PROduction Awards is a short film competition, and a chance to get your work noticed and win some pretty nifty Sony gear. Filmmakers from around the world will be pitted against each other and go up against a judging panel which includes myself, Andrew Reid of EOSHD, Shane Hurlbut ASC, Philip Bloom, BAFTA winning dramatist Tony Marchant and others!

Enter your film now at the PROduction Awards competition website or read on for more details...

Read the full article here

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Cool. Do you have to be a 'pro' filmmaker or an actual filmstudent to enter? Can't find any rules about that.

Looking at last years shortlist you don't really have to be a hollywood producer...


The 250MB file size limit is also a bit lame for a 5 minute movie...

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i recommend using Handbrakes Constant Quality RF20. Excellent Quality at probably half of what Andrew is suggesting. Not just for this purpose what in general if you want high quality at a small size.


cool to see you on there Andrew, i guess its one of those awards where you just enter something that you already have and not go out and shoot something for it. so for that matter, why not do it...


although a much better price would have been the new A7r with all lenses that they announced :D

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Do you know what? I don't think I've ever entered a competition where they played fair.
They get you at it then change the goalposts change the rules and pick some thing that blows bubbles up Sonys arse and they all congratulate each other. Sorry to be on a downer other peoples experience may vary.

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If your film contains any CGI/animation content, it must be no more than 25% of the film


OMG, that's very very very confusing. I mean, extreme grading can be considering CGI for some "purists".


I'd like to produce a B&W Sci-Fi short.


Can you clarify this?





BTW nice promo video but....



...... at least 90% of those shots were "enhanced by a computer".  ^_^

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Thx Andrew for this offer to show more professional works, and congrats to you to be part of the jury.

Just uploading a 3mm piece I did on Alzheimer. My starting point was that official campaigns to talk about the disease were just too consensuals. Not trying to be negative showing what it is, I included some old pictures of the person concerned not to reduce him to his illness. 

I believe the result is fair and decent.

Never knows, I might be among the finalists!



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