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  1. I really wonder why people don't complain about the weight of this cameras, but they do about the Ursa family, knowing that ARRI weight 16 lbs just like big URSA and the mini well, that's enough details. But, the DXL seems to be a candy. I can not guess what the hipsters are going to be complaining about this time.
  2. Unfortunately, canon popularity is what is keeping then alive. I remember my friends on college asking me for advise in what camera they should get, but in the end them just go to B&H and get themselves the new t4i, t5i, t6i etc. I saw this cycle repeat itself 5 times. I feel so sad, they just don't know better.
  3. On the cage of my fears “I†write this letter. Would some gallant somebody please tell Panasonic there is a entire continent on the other side of the ocean. Because “I†can’t exist outside the reign of digital boundaries. Sincerely, NTSC
  4. They actually seem very nice. Makes me want to shot somebody. (in the good way) Does anybody knows the name of the song?
  5. Holy digital orgasm! if someone would have told me that three years ago, I would have called the police. Still. I don't want to join hands and pray for audio meters. I mean. What company should I sleep with in order to get audio meters!?
  6. I am one of the finalist for the 2014 Unite States Super 8 Film and Digital Festival, screening this Feb 17. And just when I was looking to enter to another competition, Sony slapped me in the face. Looking forward to it. PS: It is me, or one of the judges looks like Steve Jobs?
  7. Andrew, have you played around with dual iso settings on the 5D3? It cut the resolution in half but the dynamic range jumps up to 14 Stops. It would be very interesting to see a test against a  KineRaw footage (A native 13 Stops Machine).   
  8. M...  -_-. things are getting complicated. I wanted to play games on the 400$ PS4, but his 1500$ camera is taking the cake. :lol:  :lol:  kudos for the breakthrough. Now we have to pay more attention to the camera operator, he could empty the battery just by "Adjusting the settings" 
  9. Never thought I would use this next phrase correctly. "Power to the people!" This is great but something still bug me. If the live view and unique features of this 7d, 5d3, 1div, 50d are that great. How much had canon downgrade the 1DX (and others?) via software? what is the real value of this devices? are they charging us for the overall capacity of the cameras or for what they are giving us? My head have been floating around this questions for a long time.
  10. Just checking, I think there is an error on the post.       "for only an extra $1000 they can get 2.5K raw, a larger sensor area, HD-SDI, XLR, larger screen" The BMCC does not have XLR input.     
  11. I was checking the blackmagic page when I saw the 1,995 price tag... 8_8. I will believe it another day, for now I'm speechless. 
  12. Oh for f** sake. This way of slap the advertisement right into your face is not funny. With out mentioning NYC is a very crowded city, there is not a single day where the streets aren't full of tourists anxious to take pictures of the building. I hope this nonsense ends, and soon!
  13. Seriously, with this 70D just God knows what canon is thinking. I know they are working on their super low light camera and their 70 Megapixel sensor, would we see those in 2014? I don't think so. Until something really good happens I going to be playing a song with the smallest violin on the world.  
  14. Very impressive. The 1080 60fps is what call my attention the most. I wonder if in the end they will choose the G6 to go to Mars.
  15. It's a fact that all digital cameras have to deal with raw information, that allow them to bake the given information into popular codecs.  We haven't seen companies giving us the raw information since it is not suitable for mass consumers (the mass consumer simply don't care). With out mention raw require a lot of computer power. It's now, that we have the power to edit Hollywood footage quality in our home computers. It is now, that the filmmaker revolution will stand again, changing the history as we know it. Or it is just what I want to believe. But I know for sure that thanks to ML the cameras companies will think twice before releasing a cinema camera, telling us it is a true 1080, or a clean hdmi.  Still, I like where this is going.       
  16. Both cameras produce astonishing looking images. But It is just me, or the 5d is a little sharper? I wish I had raw on my mark III a couple of weeks ago before I shoot my short movie.    Talking about the movie. I just arrived from the film festival, bringing with me a writing award and 3 phone numbers of the hottest girls I found. Ooo godd*** ∂ß˙∆ƒ˚¬© sun of a b˙˚æ˚ƒ˙... GOOOD! that-feel-goood! ... I'm sorry, I had to let it out.
  17. you guys are so good sellers. Should I send you my Mark III too?  :lol:
  18. What Annoying irony. I was checking electronics on ebay last week when I saw this 50D for around 180$ "buy now" M...  <_< Now I'm doing some test with the 600D but it seems that the pink flashy frames appear in any resolution. Does anybody know how to fix it?
  19. I have been waiting for anybody to say that this is a joke, dream, or whatever. But HELL! I fill like I have been waiting for this for more than three past lifes! And for no reason sombody give me raw recording with a camera I already own? Thank GOD! I can believe anything now, like Jesus is working with the ML team, because this is a F miracle.      I would like to say more but I'm clenning my tears and calming my boner... Smiling face 
  20. M...The way I see it. It is Magic Lantern team who deserve the credit that the 5DII and III has. Imagine a parallel universe where a team called "SUPER LANTERN" played with the codec of a camera  named c1000 giving us 4K raw for the live view  mode. People would say "awesome camera! good canon stuff! blablabla" It is time to get serious, canon didn't do a thing and is still doing nothing, period  By the way. Andrew, what AWESOME LOOKING lens you got there on the Mark III !? Leica? 
  21. This are Good news for every one. This is the time where the filmmaker's tools are not a limitation anymore. Events like this just push me to keep doing what I'm doing, each time with less weight on my shoulders. 
  22. This situation is quite interesting. I wonder if this modifications can short the life of the cameras. Still, I would like to try it for myself, but I don't have idea where everybody is getting this new ML firmware? I can't find it in the main page.
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