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Bought a Fuji GFX 100

Andrew Reid

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You know I never worried about “line skipping” or “pixel binning” because I am not a technical person and I don’t pretend to be. I know some basics, but when it comes to those mentioned subjects, what are the benefits or lack of? I’m hearing moire and aliasing, which aren’t desirable, but what does that mean in regards to the sensors in an Alexa or a RED? Do these top tier cameras have these shortcomings?

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When you get hard edges like bright white pixels on a completely black background, it'll look more jagged on a camera that is pixel binning or line-skipping - that is aliasing, and it creates a distracting shimmering effect when the subject or camera moves.

Moire throws up colour patterns from a similar process. Very fine detail can shimmer or take on a rainbow pattern.

No the Alexa and RED don't have any of this, even if you look close.

When you have to downsample from a high resolution stills sensor like 100MP to just 8MP required for 4K, you have to throw away a lot of pixels or find a way to merge these pixels into larger pixels.

The GFX100 is doing some snazzy downsampling but it isn't reading the entire 100MP, that would be too slow for 24fps and create too much data to handle.

I am happy so far with the 4K though.

There is nothing quite like it!

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https://***URL removed***/news/0545723136/metabones-releases-nikon-f-mount-to-fujifilm-g-mount-adapter-with-1-26x-magnifaction



Metabones has announced the release of the NF – GFX mount Expander 1.26x, a new adapter that allows Nikon F-mount lenses to be mounted to Fuji G-mount (GFX) camera systems while also magnifying the image circle by 1.26x, making it so the lenses retain their native diagonal field of view across formats.


A commentator says it is the "same" as this:



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Insane a lens this wide works on a medium format camera!



While using the GFX, the lens only provides around seven millimeters of shift:

It's crazy it works at all @ 15mm, let alone has shift as well!

Will come in a range of mounts, here it is on a Nikon D750!

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