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Finally some love for Pentax

Andrew Reid

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I bought a Pentax K5 for our EOSHD cheap camera challenge. But I am lazy so I did not get round to editing the footage.

It's a charming little thing with 1080p MJPEG at reasonable bitrates and gorgeous colour

Ergonomics are nice... Still totally not a hybrid camera, but the RAW 16MP S35 stills quality stands up today even if video doesn't!


Crazy AF in live-view that ZOOOOOOMS the screen while wirring loud screwdriver in lens mount, and making me laugh.

Freakishly good build quality.

Excellent top LCD.

K5 users really got a lot for their money and I feel if it got any attention in GH1 days, it would have been a contender for image quality even in 1080p and surpassing it for stills by quite a bit.


Also recently got a GR III

This is a gem for stills, just wish the AF were faster.

Much smaller than X100F and RX1 II

And the lens is superb.

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I will always have a love for Pentax (not so much Ricoh though they are ok).

I still have a Pentax SLR and have had a few of those, I had a IST*D,  K100d and a KX as well as a Pentax Q (the K100d and Q both died before their times due to me overloading the stabilization I think by using silly long lenses with it).     Video on the KX I thought was ok even though the camera got very hot very quickly.

I wish more ILCs still took AA batteries like my three Pentax DSLRs did (I know it limited life but was great knowing they were easy to get and easy and quick to charge).

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The only video i have left from my Pentax Kx is Australian blues/rock legends Spectrum playing their song "I'LL be gone" (one of very few blues songs to get to number one on the Rock/pop charts).     Not sure I can post it though for a number of reasons (I have a couple of versions over a three day festival) and one is way to dark but the other is ok i think if not quite complete...I forgot about them but thanks to the thread I went and watched again....how i wish I had a Sony A7s back then!

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I had a Pentax as one of my first DSLR's, back when I was still shooting on camcorders and wanted to see what all this HDSLR fuss was about. I mostly used it for photos but did some occasional video shooting with it too.

I think it only shot 720p but the image quality was almost on par with the 1080p from the 7D I got shortly after.

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Just been watching the DPreview Pentax videos! 
As Chris and Jordan are doing a "Pentax Week". 
Put this video out as well, which is a brand new APS-C UWA lens design:

There should be more Pentax videos coming out this week. 


Old Pentax film lenses btw were the first set of lenses I bought for my Panasonic GH1, because I picked them up (together with a Pentax film body) for next to nothing at all. 

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