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Transcode h264 footage for better quality before Resolve?


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The only benefit is playback speeds 

My i7 3770 from 2012 chokes on 4K h264 100mbps. But transcoding to DNXHR HQX and I get no benefit in quality, but my 7 year old processor that is slower than what is in the base model MacBook Pro now can edit multiple 4K files with a breeze. And my rtx 2060 handles the effects. So performance is smooth. But I have a time and space bottleneck :(

You will get 0 quality benefit transcoding. But if your processor sucks, you will get much better playback. 

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12 hours ago, kaylee said:


I'm gonna edit on a brand new 2019 base model 13" mbp btw... that lil thing is kind of a deal...!

regardless, ill transcode for speed for sure, i was just hoping there could be some magic added benefit ?

It should be able to handle h264 without any problems. Worse case you can use proxies. As a rule though it's not ideal to transcode for editing unless you absolutely need to. Back in the day h264 and Final Cut Pro 7 didn't play well together at all, making it a real pain in the ass to edit, especially for large/multicam projects. I would transcode out of necessity back then. Now everything handles it well.

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