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Blackmagic refreshes their Video Assist line

Mako Sports

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21 hours ago, FranciscoB said:

Hello Geoff,

How's the fan noise?


Hey Francisco, unfortunately I cannot give an accurate assessment on that yet. Been shooting in mainly cold weather. I'll do a test with a microphone at some point. It ramps on when you first turn on the unit, but so far has been very quiet outside of that. I imagine outside on a hot day at full power it might be generating a bit of noise but will have to see. 

Image is 10-bit 1080p from Z6. Battery life seems okay, in very cold temp at full brightness a single battery lasts an hour and a half. 


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On 1/27/2020 at 9:31 PM, IronFilm said:

Unless sizes matters more to you than all else, I wouldn't strongly recommend either. Wait for the next Zoom F series release, it is coming very very soon...

if Tentacle can incorporate 32-Bit float in their forthcoming [tiny] Track E, I would hope Zoom has plans to update their F1 and H6 as well.


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8 hours ago, photographer-at-large said:

if Tentacle can incorporate 32-Bit float in their forthcoming [tiny] Track E, I would hope Zoom has plans to update their F1 and H6 as well.

I'm very much looking forward to the Sync Track E as well!



However, I don't know if this next F series has 32bit or not. I strongly suspect it does, although I don't care if it does. As honestly at the professional level there is almost no daily need whatever for 32bits. Going from 16bits to 24bit was a legitimate leap forward, as it was tricky to keep your mix between the noise floor and peaking with only 16bits. (and arguably has lead to bad habits people still have even now in 2020, when they try to mix too hot) But if you can't do it with 24bits then you ought to be looking for a different job than as a sound mixer!! As that is heaps of room. 

So as a professional grade recorder, Zoom might not bother with including 32bits. 

However, 32bits seems to have captured the minds of many average joes as some kind of magic wand recipe for great audio, thus from a marketing aspect (especially as Zoom is also trying to target the prosumer/hobbyist/videographer/etc as well) then I feel it is likely that it will have 32bits. 


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4 hours ago, FranciscoB said:

I just bought a tascam dr 10 but I'm looking to purchase a few more in the next months. The zoom release has anything to do with that segment of the market? @IronFilm

No, Zoom's next release is something more similar to an F8n but even better. 

If you want a cheap bodypack recorder then the Tascam DR10L is still the best option for now (unless you can afford the Sound Devices PDR, SPRD, or Zaxcom ZFR300 etc, although probably outside your price range if not using this for paid work), better than the Zoom F1 for sure!

However, if you can wait a little while longer then I 110% recommend seeing what happens with the Tentacle Sync Track E. As my gut feeling is it should be a similar ish price (not more than a couple of hundreds higher priced) yet many leaps and bounds better. (even smaller and many more features!)

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  • 4 weeks later...

So after using this recorder a bit I can safely say I am not happy with using it in a professional environment.

1) You cannot have a LUT applied out of the HDMI or the SDI. Which is absolutely INSANE and a pain in the ass in a live event environment if your trying to match the look to another camera. This feature is on all of their camera's but not their recorder?!?

2) Viewing aids do not come up easily, you need to go through the menu every time you want to ad or remove a focus or exposure aid. They are completely impossible to use quickly.

Given these issues, I might be looking at selling it, I'm kinda pissed I didn't catch these issues until after my return window has passed.  

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Just saw this on Facebook:

Blackmagic RAW 1.7 Update

Today we released Blackmagic RAW 1.7 updated which adds support for Blackmagic RAW files recorded from Panasonic EVA1 and Canon EOS C300 Mark II cameras with Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR, along with improved Blackmagic RAW plugin performance with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Once installed, you’ll be able edit, color correct and finish Blackmagic RAW files from these cameras with DaVinci Resolve. If you have a Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR, you’ll also need to install the Video Assist 3.1 update.

Blackmagic RAW 1.7 update is available now as a free download from http://bmd.link/TtjLpH.


So two non-bmd-cameras (eva1 and C300 mk2) are compatible with braw. 

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1 hour ago, CaptainHook said:

You'll also need Resolve 16.2+ released today to open those files in Resolve.

Thank you for the update and thank your team so much for the audio improvements in Resolve! Ability to use 32-bit float is huge for me!

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