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Getting a Blackmagic camera instead of a 7D


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Hi everyone, at first sorry if I may sound a bit confusing, english is not my first language, I'm no expert on cameras. Also sorry for making this post too long.
My father recently bought a new camera and gave me his Canon 7D and a Canon 24-105 Lens. I know the 7d is a nice camera for video specially with Magic Lantern, but I was thinking about selling the 7D and get the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. 
I think is REALLY important mentioning that I would be selling the 7d here in where I live, and buying the BMCC on US, also the 7D here is worth the same as the BMCC in US so it would be like getting a BMCC "for free".
I know the BMCC has some issues like not being able to delete videos from the camera, see how much space i have left on the ssd, no audio meter.. but I think this will eventually be fixed on a future update. 
At first I was considering the EF version so I could use my 24-105 lens without any kind of adaptor, but i read that the crop factor would be an issue on the EF version. 
From what I read if I get the MFT version and use a speed booster, I could get the same crop factor as an APS-C sensor, which would be similar to the 7D. Is it possible to use the MFT speed boster and a EF to MFT adaptor so I can use my canon lens on the BMCC MFT while the Metabones EF to MFT speed boster does not come out ?
And also, is it a smart choice to get the BMCC instead of the 7d ?
Once again sorry if I said something wrong, and also for making this long post, but I think is important to make everything claer so I don't regrat my choice later on.
Thank you!
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You can use EF lenses on an MFT mount with an adapter, but not the other way around.


The 7D isn't really an ideal video camera (anymore), you'd be better off getting a gh3. So the way I see it, your choice should really be between a BMCC and gh3. Also, a used 7D will sell for less than $900, so that really won't cover the cost of a BMCC (maybe you meant the Black Magic Pocket Camera).  The gh3 is less, but a fine camera in it's own right.


It sounds like you are new to video, so instinctively I'd stay away from the BMCC.  But if you don't plan on doing a lot of handheld work, you have a good tripod, and have a good enough computer (see related threads) to handle raw and Resolve, i'd say BMCC.


As an alternative you could try out the new raw hacks on the 7d, and see if you mind working with the raw workflow.

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Thanks for the reply. 
I forgot to mention that I live in Brazil, a used 7D here is worth the same as a new Black Magic Cinema Camera in US(NOT the pocket version). I would be selling the 7D here and get the BMCC in US. So selling the 7D here in brazil would be enough to cover the BMCC.
I already have some experience with video and a little with color correction, I assume I'd probably have to do some color correction on the BMCC footage. 
The computer wouldn't be an issue. I've already done some RAW videos on the 7D with MagicLantern, they wore fine, considering the 7D limitation for raw video.
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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

You can sell a 7D in Brazil for 2000 US Dollars? :D
Anyway yes, the BMCC is better than your 7D video-wise and will produce better images, BUT,
that only if you're willing to endure the enormous storage cost, external battery solution, a beast of a computer to run DaVinvi Resolve smoothly, and of course advanced coloring experience to deal with the BMCC images.
The BlackMagic is an amazing camera, but you just need to be aware of how it operates and what's required to make it work. If you can handle it, but it.
While the 7D's images are inferior to the BMC ones, you CAN still also make outstanding results with your 7D, without much work as needed with the BMC.

If you're a hobbyiest, not a professional filmmaker, and don't have clients and projects demanding perfect image-quality, I'd suggest investing in lenses and learning with your 7D, and experiment with ML raw when needed.

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I'd never suggest a 7D instead of a BMD camera (any of them) but if you already have it, yeah, Ebrahim's suggestion is very practical.  


No two ways about it you should run ML and/or Tragic Lantern to get an all-intra codec.  You'll still have more issues to clean up than if you had a GHx but it'll be a lot better than the stock AVCHD.  


If you're already comfortable with the 7D-ML raw workflow then you should have no issues with the more streamlined BMD path.  You also aren't required to use DaVinci and could grade your BMD files as you have raw 7D footage.

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Yeah, basically if you're learning to be a filmmaker, make your first ( short ) film on a DSLR* and get a bird's eye view of the production process. Then, when you've made mistakes and learnt from them jump on a proper cinema RAW camera.


*( Although, I consider 5D3 both a DSLR and a proper cinema RAW camera. )

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Please allow me to hijack my co-terranean's thread, because he and several others raise issues I'm interested in. I come from film, so I do have a good base to deal with video issues, which still fall short when compared to film. Even Arri or Reds or whatever fall short from film, but video IS more practical and these new cameras are a fantastic tool for independent filmmakers. The now more available RAW choice has even shortened the distance between many photo cameras and the Big League (Arri, Red, Sony).


First of all I wonder why it was recommended to stay away from the BMCC and what video experience would you need to use it. What do you exactly mean by that?


Second, what computer requirements do you need for processing BMCC or BM Pocket RAW video? That is beside HDD capacity. ;)



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