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  1. Thanks for the reply.    I forgot to mention that I live in Brazil, a used 7D here is worth the same as a new Black Magic Cinema Camera in US(NOT the pocket version). I would be selling the 7D here and get the BMCC in US. So selling the 7D here in brazil would be enough to cover the BMCC.   I already have some experience with video and a little with color correction, I assume I'd probably have to do some color correction on the BMCC footage.    The computer wouldn't be an issue. I've already done some RAW videos on the 7D with MagicLantern, they wore fine, considering
  2. Hi everyone, at first sorry if I may sound a bit confusing, english is not my first language, I'm no expert on cameras. Also sorry for making this post too long.   My father recently bought a new camera and gave me his Canon 7D and a Canon 24-105 Lens. I know the 7d is a nice camera for video specially with Magic Lantern, but I was thinking about selling the 7D and get the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.    I think is REALLY important mentioning that I would be selling the 7d here in where I live, and buying the BMCC on US, also the 7D here is worth the same as the BMCC in US so it wo
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