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6K RAW is over-rated. Here's why...


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17 hours ago, kye said:

I think it's personal.  You're talking like I haven't tried it, and I have, and you seem to be convinced even though you haven't said that you've tried compensating with sharpening, so all I can say is to actually try it and let us know what you think after that.

I've tested it when shooting my own footage with the GH5 at 4K, watching it on my 32 inch 4K computer display.  I've tried it by downloading 8K RAW footage from a RED, downscaling it to a range of resolutions from 4K to 1.2K and then putting them all on a 4K timeline and playing with them in Resolve.

It's going to depend on how you see, what you pay attention to, what lenses you shoot with (most lenses are worse than people think), what codecs (RAW vs compressed), what post-production software you have, and how good you are at post-processing.

I'm not going to convince you by just talking at you - what I was hoping to do is to convince you to try it yourself by actually taking lower resolution footage and applying sharpening and seeing if you can match it.

I have tried, but there is just nothing you can do to recover the G30 footage. Sharpening does not help. It is fine for a cell phone, or a small HD screen, like a tablet, but it falls apart on a big modern TV. The IQ from NX1 is miles ahead, because of the resolution. The same is true for most 4K cameras, especially the oversampled ones. 

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This isn't click-bait BS, let's actually talk about why 6K RAW cameras aren't really needed. I see two main reasons: Many cameras already shoot 6K downscaled to a 4K output (and the GH5 e

I suggest you carefully read my post again - many of your points are arguments against points I didn't make, but you obviously thought that I did. Also, I'm aware that GH5 files aren't 6K RAW, bu

It still useful for stabilising in post

For a 2K/1080 deliver, I like to shoot 4K. For a 4k delivery, 5-6k is ideal. 

Yes, in an ideal world all your shots are rock solid, noise-free, and perfectly framed, but in the real world, having room to crop (or safety area around your frame), stabilize, and downscale to kill noise really helps. Besides, having more options in post is good.

I'm experienced, but that's not gonna stop me from covering my ass. 

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