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    • By Lenscamera
      I have a brand new unopened Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k that I bought from B&H. Still in it's wrapped plastic seal from B&H so obviously it includes everything that comes with it. I am thinking/considering going a different route with my camera gear and looking to gauge interest if anyone is looking for one. 
      Let me know if you're interested. 
    • By Hunterj11
      Gorgeous Prime Lens for S16mm format.  That means it'll cover Micro 4/3 and other similar sized sensors.  The glass here is dynamite. Again, have to sell to raise funds for a big purchase.  Regretting putting this out there already.  Good luck ravaging my inventory.
    • By Hunterj11
      This is a killer optex 5.5mm pl mount super wide angle lens for the Super-16mm format.  It thus covers micro 4/3 size chips and anything smaller.  If you shoot on a GH4 and use pl mount glass then this is the perfect lens for you to get your wide shots.  I just recently purchased it and then realized I've got way way way too much glass and have to cut my inventory big time.  This lens sells used for up to $5,500  and I've got it listed at 1999.00 to start the auction.  If you pick it up for that cheap then you've practically stolen it from me and good for you...I was foolish enough to buy it while already having that focal length in my lens kit and I have a dismal checking account.  Take advantage of my 3am impulse Ebay purchase and get this baby.  
      The guy I bought from just had it serviced by Duclos and the report was that it was flawless and like new in terms of condition.   It comes with a lens hood and padded lens pouch/case.
    • By Anamatis
      I'm really considering making a big upgrade to the URSA, but I've already invested in a fleet of Canon FDs. I've been doing some research on FD to PL mounts without a lot of luck. I know ARRI make an FD adapter to the ARRI mount (PL??) but besides that seems there's zilch out there. Some talk about machining the lenses to fit the new flange but I was hoping someone here knows of something...
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