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Cinema settings for Panasonic G6

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Just got a G6 and heading to Tokyo next week with the 12-35 and 20mm.  Anyone have suggestions for shooting flat/neutral on the G6?


I've been testing with -5, -5, -2, 0 on Natural.  But would love to hear what everyone else is doing and what's been working.  Just had the camera for a week now. 


I am new to dslr shooting (I have shot 16mm film before), but I am targeting a cinema look in post.  I plan to shoot in 24p/AVCHD.


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i havent been testing a lot with the presets. standard looks good to me, so i just vary with the fine settings. i use two different presets depending on the work i do. 


if i have the time to grade and correct every single shot i would definitely dial down contrast and sharpening all the way. but recently i do a lot of work where i only retouch the footage when something is wrong with it, like the white balance. in these cases sharpening on "0" looks a bit better than "-5". but again if you have the time to retouch every single shot, the sharpening in premiere probably does a better job than the one built int the camera.


for contrast its similar. sometimes i like the contrasty look, so i take the contrast up to "0", but since you want a flat profile "-5" is the way to go and you can always dial up the contrast in your editing program.


saturation is just personal opinion. "-2" sounds good for a flat profile, its just that i like saturated shots which is why i leave it on "0". i have been doing this on my GH2 as well.


noise reduction. i havent been testing this, but in theory its a "smart blur" that takes away some level of noise out of the picture. even if the algorithm is really smart it will always come with some softening. since the G6 is much better with noise handling than the GH2 why not turn it off and leave it on "-5"? if you use higher isos or still see noise, you can test around this topic later on.


to summarize: i agree with your settings if you retouch every shot, but i would dial down the noise reduction to "-5" if you dont shoot at higher ISOs.

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