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$60 Pentax that's actually a $800 Zeiss with optics by designer of Stanley Kubrick's NASA glass

Andrew Reid

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The Contax Zeiss Distagon 'Hollywood' 28mm F2.0 is a classic fast wide for full frame and is incredible on Super 35mm as well. Wide open it's one of the sharpest F2.0 wide angle lenses av

I use different lenses all the time its not an issue - just correct any color issues in the grade Fd lenses tend to be more blue -  Zeiss lenses warmer more orange etc so as long as you know each len

I think it's the other way round with FD and Zeiss. I find FD warmer.

its rare - no one in their right mind will sell theirs!!


But there are very good alternatavies like the Sigma 30mm f1.4  ( newer aspheric elements , faster and dare I say sharper too ) which I personally think is a very cinematic looking lens and cheap


if the Sigma was nicknamed 'Hollywood ' everone would buy one.......


it was designed as an APSC lens so its entire making was for approx super 35mm size sensors - hence its cinematic looking feel to it.  this lens is no use on your full frame 5D - but great on aspc and micro 4/3

I use mine with a Lens Turbo speedbooster on my G6 - its getting on for f1.2 - now thats fast and sharp

 it is far from 60$ right?

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 it is far from 60$ right?

you are not going to get  Pentax 28mm f2 for $60 , thats just never going to happen as its a very rare desired lens . its more like a $500+ lens in the real world now.


my alternatives I've listed are alot cheaper



I also forgot to add the Vivitar 28mm f2 which sells on ebay for around $160 and is very good too.

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its only related in that it is made by Pentax to one of their lens formulas - it is not made to the Zeiss formula


I always found the Pentax 28mm f2.8 a bit softer than the Canon FD 28mm f2.8 -

I prefer the Canon version you used on the video you just posted

Thank you very much for your advices! :)

p.s. (a little "OT"): I just bought 2 old M42 lenses, a Carl Zeiss Jena (from DDR) 50 f/1.8 and a Pentacon 29 f/2.8, but I'm still waiting for the adapter (the package is arrived in 2 days from USA, but you know how it works in Italy... postmen are so sloooow, so I have to wait...).
Do you think they could be as good (or better) as my beloved FD lenses? 

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the Zeiss 50mm f1.8 Pancolar is a great lens classic Zeiss and almost as sharp as the 50mm f1.7 Planar - there is not much in it


The Pentacon is a older Meyer-Optik Görlitz lens design carried over into the Pentacon range


its regarded as not quite as good as the 28mm version of this lens by Pentacon (which is a Zeiss Jena DDR Design)


this version is the Zeiss DDR design



the 29mm is abit of an odd ball



all the above are inferior to the Canon FD 28mm f2,8 - which beats them all in my book and is very good and cheap on ebay ....

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all the above are inferior to the Canon FD 28mm f2,8 - which beats them all in my book and is very good and cheap on ebay ....



Thank you very much! I'll try to catch a 28 Zeiss DDR :)

Do you think also my FD 50 f/1.4 is better then the Zeiss Jena 50 Pancolar? (I'm still waitin' for the adapter!!!)

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