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Noise Reduction without neat video?! (gh5/mft)


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Hey guys,

I am going to shoot in a cave and have borrowed a gh5. Normally I have noise redution cranked down all the way, but I don't do post processing including neat video and am not looking to buy it. 

In camera noise reduction seems to be always mentioned in the same breath as "neat video", but I haven't really found anyone comparing combinations of in camera noise reduction to using post processing and other forms than neat video, as well as comparing a camera with and without noise reduction. 

Consequently, I am wondering if I should shoot the cave with noise reduction cranked all the way down, or if I should rather trust the in camera processing of noise if I will not target the noise in post anyway!

I am going to keep the iso below 400 at all points. Looking forward to your answers and views, maybe even different ideas of handling noise apart from neat video in premiere or davinci light.


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4 minutes ago, Shirozina said:

Resolve Studio NR is pretty good as well and I reckon you can squeeze another stop of usable DR out of the GH5 with good NR in post....

I did not make any other names for the original price ...
even what you have indicated is equally good

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1 hour ago, canonlyme said:

thanks guys,
I actually had the same issue with sharpening and it takes me so long to sharpen every clip with unsharp mask in post, next time I will film with more in camera sharpening! 

Even with sharpening set to minimum it's still too sharp for some - each to their own I guess. I nealy ruined a couple of shots a couple of months ago when I accidentally left the sharpening at 0 and not -5 and had to do some softening in resolve to get it to look natural. and not over sharpened.

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11 hours ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

You are going to be shooting at 400 iso? I wouldn't think you'd need any noise reduction unless you were shooting higher.

Even at 400 ISO NR is needed if you want to push the shadows / have clean deep shadows which the OP may well be dealing with shooting in a cave.....

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Not GH5 but G85 here and I have my NR at 0. I did a test with -5 NR and 0 NR and found that for youtube, the difference in detail/sharpness is nothing compared to time saved in post with not having to denoise every.single.clip. Still, if I were shooting serious client work, I'd go to -5 NR and denoise in post for the ability to fine tune the level of denoising but in general, 0NR works great for me.

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