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Sony's new "pro level" APS-C


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1 hour ago, jonpais said:

I’m not a nature photographer, but certainly Sony’s animal eye detect AF (coming soon) must count for something. Also, all the Fuji lenses in my collection have superb construction, but their 100-400 is supposed to be plastic fantastic and closest focus distance isn’t all that impressive. Do you own it? Any thoughts on stabilization, AF, build quality?

No, I don't own the lens but I am considering the systems from a cost analysis perspective for someone like me moving from canon who wants video and fast af for sport and wildlife. The Fuji is overpriced considering u can get a Canon 100-400 FF for the same price (not including rebate). I haven't seen the the eye af for Sony in action so can't comment on its usefulness. I'm sure the new Sony will be good but unless u already own the lenses they price themselves out by a fair margin. 


42 minutes ago, Drew Allegre said:

Probably an adapted lens like a Sigma 150-600 or Canon 400/5.6L.  I currently have the 300/4L, but it doesn't play well at all with Sony (I've heard the 400 is decent)  The goal would be to pick up a Sony100-400 at some point. But yes, I would love to see Sony release some quality longer/affordable primes like Canon has.

Part of my reasoning is that I moved over to a A73 from a 5D3, and I liked having both APS-C and FF with Canon.  It would be nice to have that again with Sony.  Fuji doesn't really interest me, because I don't want to get into a dedicated APS-C system.

I personally wouldn't go adapted as the performance isn't there. If you are spending so much on a camera why cripple it. 

But yes the problem with Fuji is that you are tied to that system. 

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Unless they do a large redo of their color science I'll stay with Fuji. 

This could be the end of my 80D (used mostly for birding at this point). 

If it is an XT3 but with IBIS it would be interesting. Then after that the A7S III will be same but FF ..

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1 minute ago, Yurolov said:

I personally wouldn't go adapted as the performance isn't there. If you are spending so much on a camera why cripple it. 

But yes the problem with Fuji is that you are tied to that system. 

Nature photography is kind of down the list on priorities for me.  I'm mostly a wide/normal prime user on FF (hence, I but FF lenses), and I tend to shoot performing arts, events, people, etc.  It makes a lot more sense to me to adapt a lens that I already have to a camera that serves multiple purposes for a pursuit that I occasionally enjoy.  I keep the 80D around specifically to use with the 300/f4L.  It would make a lot of sense to me to move over to a Sony APS-C and find a lens that's workable.

1) I'd gain an APS-C backup to my A7III
2) I'd gain APS-C equivalents for my primes at what will likely be 20+ mp
3) I gain some reach on my longer lenses when I want it
4) I gain a usable second camera for video work that I can (theoretically) seamlessly cut with the A7III

The current A6xxx line isn't super attractive to me, because it's not a great form factor to put a long lens on and on top of that I'm left handed and that viewfinder on the corner just does not appeal to me.



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Been wanting to see this for years as I hate the a6x00 form factor. If Sony is really chasing the sports/wildlife segment, a d500/7d2 competitor is needed. The a9 is badass, but you need  a TC for wildlife and that still leaves you wanting more reach at times. I use an adapted Sigma 150-600 with the MC11 when I want reach, and usually I go with the a73 because its so much nicer in use.

On the video side the fatter body, bigger battery and vastly superior ergos would be most welcome. The a73 is the most comfortable E-mount body I've used, and I've used most of them going back to the Nex5. Hopefully they don't skimp on the EVF and LCD like they did with the a73. As we've seen from the XT3, they have a next level APS-c sensor on tap.

My biggest question is whether they're willing to go 10-bit and 4k60p in one of the Alpha bodies to compete with Fuji or if we're going to get the same 8-bit, 4:2:0 with the bitrate capped at 100mbps.


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Are my eyes deceiving me? 4K 24p 150Mbps 10-bit 4:2:2 internal? ? 

I still wonder, with such a low bitrate, whether it’s possible to even take full advantage of 10-bit. My guess is it’s severely compromised.

At $2,500, looks like Sony isn’t in the least concerned about competing with the rock-bottom priced X-T3. 

However, I’ve got to be consistent here: having the best codec in the world and 4K 60p in and of itself is of little use if Sony doesn’t support it with lenses. Fuji is the clear winner here. 

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1 hour ago, JurijTurnsek said:
  • 120p with 10bit should ruffle some feathers.
  • The price is quite exuberant, but the features seem to be there.
  • Bodes well for a7SIII, 10bit and 60p will be there for sure.

Perhaps, but 10-bit 4:2:2 60p will not be internal.

I was mistaken: 10-bit 150Mbps should probably be just enough to see a qualitative difference to 8-bit 100Mbps. 

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Sony needs to abandon the toy-sized bodies of the current a6300/6500 lineup and deliver a robustly-built body capable of handling the needs of sports/wildlife shooters. They sorely need a proper light-shielding eyeguard, ergonomically placed buttons and wheels that require a definitive pressing to activate to avoid the current nightmare of mushy buttons and wheels that change camera settings merely by handling the camera, and, finally, enable Dual-IS to work with 3rd-party lenses.

And, since they served up a severe case of burn-a** to their customers with the quick release of the 6500 after the 6300 I will never give them the opportunity to screw me over again for early adoption, beta-testing on my dime...this new camera will sit on the market a full year before I even consider a purchase.


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