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Ursa Mini Pro w BPRAV vs Canon C200 with Raw Light


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19 minutes ago, bobo3 said:

Seems like the Blacks start a lot higher on the C200 compared to BRAW?

Did you find that the C200 did that to retain highlights better or once graded they pretty much had similar traits?

I think it's clog3 that has a higher black point.  

I found the c200 noisier in the shadows than the UMP! At 800 ASA - was not expecting that.


17 minutes ago, Jonesy Jones said:

Great to have you back Ed. Thanks for the test.

What I noticed is that the UMP tends toward magenta. The Canon is more neutral/green. 

It could be my bias but the UMP seems to render the gradients better with more dimension. 

But both images are superb. In a blind test I'd never have a clue.

Thanks - yes Canon is much more green.

I think yes still UMP has that magenta feel - which isn't bad - but yes also agree UMP has more gradients so much dimensions on the face and secondary highlights and all that - so the image feels more organic

yes they both do good things - the c200 is smoother - but yea lacks the three dimensional quality.

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10 hours ago, Ed_David said:

I did a quick skintone and motion test between the two cameras.  Will do a more thorough test tomorrow.

Let me know thoughts.

C200 was donated for the test by Friendly Films!


Great test, Ed. I picked up a C200 a few months back and liked what I saw, except for the noisey shadows. Always liked your grades in the past, curious what your workflow is here with the Canon RAW Lite footage? Do you start off with a base conversion LUT? 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah the flare into the lens  onto the ump is might giving some problem in this example. 

I installed beta 6 and tested it out on a fashion project. I have not gone in post yet, just quickly loaded a clip in resolve. And dang the UMP is looking really amazing with the update. (maybe even alexa good). But need to test out the fpn still. But blackmagic raw 12:1 looks like a godsend right now. 

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