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  1. Damn this test footage looks clean... The highlights look smooth as well
  2. I got one early August its been flat out amazing. The images even in 4k 8-bit are stunning (surprisingly good DR and this is coming from a guy who used to shoot only Epic-W). And Canon is close if not tied with Arri for making cameras that are so easy (and fun) to work with. 2 fully charged lightweight BP-60s and you can go a whole day. Remember the stunning beautiful Blue Ruin by Jeremy Saulnier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIwzTUzmXto Shot entirely on the "weak" 8-bit 1080 codec. ?
  3. Seems like the Blacks start a lot higher on the C200 compared to BRAW? Did you find that the C200 did that to retain highlights better or once graded they pretty much had similar traits?
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