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Andrew Reid

EOS R official video specs discussion

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Multiple top people working directly with canon have said that canon has told them that a video centered RF mount camera will be coming. Who knows when that is, I doubt it would release before an a7riii competitor. I wouldn't be surprised to see that 26mp one come in spring, hopefully it isn't a lower tier one, but a 1dx type camera. 

Nokishita posted today: 


Mirror-less camera

Full size

Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

Maximum image size of test machine: 6240 x 4160

Probably will be released within 1 year


Interviews with canon reps said that they didn't put 4k ff in the eos r because they weren't satisfied with the heat management performance at the time. They had also said that the ibis was too expensive for this model. The next one still might not have ibis or 4k ff.. Canon likely will not release a product that can overheat;  I wonder how many more generations they will need until they feel they have the performance they need? When everyone else has 8k? ?

Edit: I just realized that this camera probably is just a mirrorless 6d ii, knowing canon. Maybe next fall we will see a pro model...

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On 9/13/2018 at 5:15 PM, Mattias Burling said:

I still don't see why people hate the EOS-R and Nikon Z6. Like all cameras they offer things that no other camera does. So if one value those things it's a good buy.

Aside from anti-single SD card slot, I haven't seen any large amounts of negativity against the Nikon Z6?! Where have you been seeing that?

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Just had a chance to use this camera. Dear GOD why no 4k full frame?? I actually love everything else about it as a hybrid. I wasn’t expecting to like it. Canon always pulls that one little caveat feature that keeps me from buying in. 

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