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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

I think the pocket camera would be a terrible choice for Weddings, and maybe even Corporate. It has no continuous AF,  just a button push focus which is ok for say a short tripod shot, which is common on some Cine cameras, and no IBIS, but you could use a Gimbal. I would imagine in reality the battery life would not be long enough for the 2 things I mentioned above either. BM says an hour, but I won't hold me breath on that really happening, especially in 4K. The new BM Pocket is going to be more of a Cine camera than what a normal video camera is. For Weddings, and even Corporate you Have to nail AF and I will be honest the Canon DPAF is hard to beat in that those situations. Although it looks like Panny might have helped the GH5, GH5s along a lot with AF with this latest Firmware update?? Is it DPAF good, I doubt it, and even the new Sony A7 mk III is damn good at AF and the color science is good on it also..

The GH5s would be nice also but no IBIS on it either. But the color science on it is way better than the GH5, at least to me. But with your budget just the notebook and the GH5s blows all your money. You need to spend probably more on lenses than the camera to be honest to do what you want. I guess if you spend a grand or less on the notebook it could happen. But that is not counting tripods, mikes, lighting on and on. But you may have some of that already. But to make money on the shoots you are talking about all that stuff has to be DAMN good tripods and damn good everything, not stuff you have found at a yard sale LoL. It has to be Pro level stuff or near to it. No cheap Amazon Favorite for say a Tripod, Ergo it has to be expensive stuff new or used.

I don't like telling someone to buy a Canon or a Sony, or a Panny, on and on. That is a buyers choice for either a FF, m4/3, APSC desire. There is too many cameras out now to say. I will say this, the original Canon C100 with the DPAF would be on my short list for what you want to do. It has a beautiful output and everything you need other than 4K. But it does down sample automatically From 4K to 1080p. Hard to beat Canon color science and DPAF. Really hard. But for weddings you are not going to be able to run n Gun with it. You would have to have say a 5D mk III or 80D to go with it. But you Can hand hold a C100 some times. They are really not as big as people make them out to be.

I just woke up a bit ago, so I am sure there are things my fuzzy mind is missing cameras, suggestions wise.

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Does this include audio and lighting gear too? Are you going to need multiple cameras? Sounds like it. 

Quite arguably you shouldn't get getting a GH5S, but with that small budget something cheaper instead like say a Panasonic G80. Or maybe even say a secondhand G7

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It depends weather you are willing to wait until September for the pocket or not. on your budget, the gh5s might be too expensive if you need grip and light equipment also. it appears you are looking for a 'do it all' camera, maybe the Gh5 might be a good pick for that, pair it with a zoom. 

Remember buying used is a good idea on a limited budget.

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Your budget is very modest for getting a whole film-making kit that will do weddings, or any multi-camera setups.  

However if you start off renting cameras and lenses when you need them then I'd imagine it is probably sufficient for everything else.  Renting will also give you the advantage of trying different cameras and seeing how you like them - I've seen pros and cons in the wedding and corporate space - one of the significant ones being the Canon Dual-Pixel AF.  Then when you start making money from the work you can buy the right cameras and lenses that you know will work for your style.

If you haven't already seen it the Wedding Film School YT channel is a goldmine of useful information on everything about weddings - commercials, business, tech, logistics, etc.

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22 minutes ago, Samirawale said:

I’m actually confused and overwhelmed about all the options and the updates etc 


Seriously though, I think you probably need to have fleshed out your original requirements a bit more.

If you're working on your own, what existing gear do you still have or is this from scratch, will someone else be doing audio, do you need more than one camera to be using simultaneously for weddings and corporate, how fast do you have to turn projects round, etc etc

All of it has an impact, so if you write a bit more of a detailed brief of how you envisage working then you'll be get far more targeted and useful suggestions.

Hope that helps.


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9 hours ago, Samirawale said:

I’m actually confused and overwhelmed about all the options and the updates etc 

This is a good thing - film-making is a very complicated and complex topic and you're now aware of this.

My advice is to think of all the equipment as tools, this is important because:

  • you don't choose the tools then work out what style of art you'll make - it's the other way around
  • great artists work inspires love for the work, not the tools - no-one asks what paintbrushes Monet used
  • to a certain extent, the tools don't matter - as long as they are good enough to meet minimum standards then they're fine

Start with what you want to achieve and work backwards.  This forum is full of people with huge amounts of experience, but we can't help you to pick the right tool for the job if you don't tell us what the job is, or if you don't have a solid idea of it yourself.

Much work is ahead of you, but if you put the effort in then you will receive lots in return.

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