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  1. Have any one tried the buttery luts from matteo Bertoli ?
  2. Thinking to replace my GH5s with the pocket 4K guys ? What do you think ? Im all about short films and music videos.
  3. So I got the GH5s and 12-35 f2.8 ii and metabone speedbooster xl for 1900 usd , I wanted the GH5 for IBIS but couldn’t resist this offer , my question is : which lenses should I inevest in for my setup for (short films , weddings , corporate videos )
  4. Samirawale


    I’m actually confused and overwhelmed about all the options and the updates etc
  5. Samirawale


    I’m looking to buy a gear for filmmaking : short films , weddings , corporate. Budget is 5000 $ ( MacBook Pro included in the budget) also shall I wait for the pocket camera or get GH5s now?
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