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Blackmagic Pocket 4K!?


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John Bradley (who I believe would know) confirmed it as real!

Very exciting!!


What's everyone hoping for?

I'd like 4k (seems safe given the billboard)

Either m4/3 or s16 sized 

With cdng raw and prores options

Maybe up to 30p at 4k and up to 60p or 120p at fullHD

Maybe an anamorphic mode with desqueeze?

Built-in ND filters would be amazing

A little longer lasting battery would be nice

For around $1k

I'd buy that instantly

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Agreed, even if it was slightly more expensive. I think it'll use the new Prores RAW. I wonder what the sensor will be, it'll be disappointing if its the old 4k one in the BMCC4K. If it has decent ergonomics and battery life it'll defo replace my GH5.

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It won't be the old 4k sensor.

BM isn't doing anything old. It took this long to deliver because it took this long to figure out how to capture the mojo of the Pocket (still pretty revered in most circles) in 4k.

They don't go backwards, so it will have their Gen4 color science and as much DR or more than the original - that's why we've been waiting.

It will be a great compliment to the Ursa Mini Pro.

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3 hours ago, MoonCannon said:

Honestly, if it was the ursa mini 4.6k sensor (in terms of color and DR) but 4k and small enough to be a "pocket" I'd be over the moon

I've suggested a few times that a 4K cut of the 4.6K sensor in a MFT mount would be a big hit. 


This is after all what the BMPCC was, a 1080 cut of the 2.5K sensor of the BMCC

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