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4K shooting Super 16mm compact from Canon?

Andrew Reid

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Yes, likely too good to be true.  A far departure from Canon's typical business model.  However if it is real, I too would place my preorder as soon as possible.  Another interesting thing:  No physical (red dot) movie record button.  It looks like there is a photo/movie toggle on top.  Then you would presumably use the shutter to initiate record or photo, which would be really cool (I think...???)

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I too wanted to buy this, but from what I read last week, not real.  I imagine we will see something like this from Sony running at 4kp60 or so.

Now, the original JVC 4k camcorder was UHDp60.  The old Nikon J1, used a similar sensor that could do the same.  The BM micro studio uses a newer version of the sensor, and I imagine the studio does the same and runs at that frame rate.  Newer versions again have been announced years ago with better and higher resolutions.  Also even Panasonic has smaller than gh5 running that frame rate.  This Aptina based sensors, and Sony use a special low heat sensor technology.  But I don't know how far it goes, though Aptina did use it in high speed camera sensors.  But looking at the processing side.  The Yi 4k+ uses a small old 4kp60 Sony sensor with around 11 stops native dynamic range I think.  Thee is a mod case for it that adds a c lens mount.  It is extremely small and they have had the ambarella chipset in it running over 240mb/s h264.  So that puts in perspective the Gh5.  Even Ambarella's top chipset on the site, is probably 1-2 watts max while working at the specified data rate doing 8k+ video recording.

As someone said, marketing decisions, we should not put faith on.

I'm going to point something out.  On larger sensors, I noticed less pixel rate and less maximum bit depth at the higher resolution.  I imagine they have less noise, and high dynamic range, but maybe they are more limited in moving data around.

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On the word, ‘breccia’, this is an Italian word meaning gap, or breach, it can even mean aperture, but not that you’d use the word breccia  for the photographic interpretation, which would be, apertura. Other meanings which may give a clue to the authenticity of this render are, rubbish, codswallop, piffle, a joke. Did this originate in Italy, or from an Italian artist per chance? The pictures are fake in my view. 

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