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  1. I think I have to stand up now and shout “I’m Spartacus”. Without putting this too dramatically though, I owe my career in part to Andrew and EOSHD. I don’t post much as I’m not one of the more illuminated members of this forum. But I make films, albeit at a corporate level, and I have based my gear purchases over the years on Andrew’s reviews, and I’ve bought tutorials and his Pro Color video profiles too. That’s all good, but what I have learned over the years since I discovered EOSHD, and how I have grown in confidence as a filmmaker because of this technical knowledge that I had through Andrew’s expertise was invaluable. I could talk, read and understand so much more about the craft because I had the technical part too. I would always come here first when researching anything camera related, and would always leave having learned something new or been reminded of something I’d forgotten. And I enjoy reading everyone’s comments, having on so many occasions been close to posting mine, but then would think that I wasn’t necessarily adding to the debate - as might be the case now - so didn’t. But it made me think and helped put things into perspective. But in the end, I just want to say a massive thank you to you Andrew. You’re absolutely entitled to go off on a rant - particularly because we all should know that in the end, you’re big enough to put your hands up when you believe you’ve not done right by your own standards. It should be of no surprise that no person commenting on these last couple of articles would be able to change Andrew’s mind about how he felt. That would have been out of character - the character we know that will decimate some aspect of a camera if it merits it, or shout alleluia down a megaphone when a manufacturer knocks the ball outta the park with some feature. Andrew, well done. Dust may take a while to settle for some, but you deserve some respect for having the balls to speak your mind. Keep up the amazing work you do.
  2. Great, thanks for that. Well, he lives up to his name then.
  3. On the word, ‘breccia’, this is an Italian word meaning gap, or breach, it can even mean aperture, but not that you’d use the word breccia for the photographic interpretation, which would be, apertura. Other meanings which may give a clue to the authenticity of this render are, rubbish, codswallop, piffle, a joke. Did this originate in Italy, or from an Italian artist per chance? The pictures are fake in my view.
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