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  1. Andrew, I'm no Sony fanboy...or fanboy of any manufacturer. Hell, I'd use a gas-powered camera with a crank start if it shot great footage. (Self-noise may become an issue). It is low-hanging fruit to nitpick the shortcoming of this camera. It's easy to point out the fact that this is not an FS5 in an a6000 body. We need to think of this as an upgrade to the a6000 as opposed to a disappointing new offering from Sony. The a6000 was and still is a great camera. A compact and lightweight APSC cam that takes great pics and nice 1080p video. So what if I told you the a6000
  2. Yes, likely too good to be true. A far departure from Canon's typical business model. However if it is real, I too would place my preorder as soon as possible. Another interesting thing: No physical (red dot) movie record button. It looks like there is a photo/movie toggle on top. Then you would presumably use the shutter to initiate record or photo, which would be really cool (I think...???)
  3. I see both sides (Andrew's and Joachim's). This is Andrew's attempt to invoke change...it's his call to action. You can't blame someone for casting their opinion on the matter. Especially one that's close to his heart. Unfortunately it's going to do about as much good as does public bitching about politics. 99% of the people who are vocal about a certain subject will never actually DO ANYTHING to actively change things. Words are weapons? We were raised to believe "It's not what you say, it's what you do." We were taught that "Sticks and stones can break our bones but words can ne
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