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gimble for 10.5" ipad pro?


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7 hours ago, Cinegain said:

:( I was about to post that last night, but figured it was probably best not feeding the troll...

Shrug, I am actually not trolling here, looking for options.

I find the Filmic Pro app actually useful.

Though, I will probably end up using it more for a focus aide monitor for my GH5.

1 hour ago, no_connection said:

Just get an ipad mount for microphone stand and put that on a dslr gimbal. Simple adapter for smaller to larger thread. Putting a usb powerbrick for balance and it would run for hours.

I am seeing actual frame, Padcaster, that might be useful as well.


15 hours ago, wolf33d said:

You mean gimbal? I think that is the last device people would think putting on a gimbal. I do not know any gimbal mount for ipad.

Shrug, just asking, looking for options...

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Saw someone mention a monitor the other day...

On 10-1-2018 at 12:16 AM, Lukas Htzmedia said:

Today i shot a musicvideo and i exposed so that Skintone was between 60-70 IRE using falsecolor with my new Feelword f570 (great budget Monitor works perfect with GH5!). With the Alexa conversion lut it looks awesome! 

I actually think that's a pretty sweet(spot) option (convenience VS inconvience), because I'm done with 7" monitors (e.g. my Lilliput 663/O/P2) , and my Lilliput Q5 for example doesn't take a 4K signal to monitor from (which isn't the end of the world necessarily as long as your camera does a 1080p monitoring output (which not all do)).

Just 10-ish inch... seems... well, excessive.

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Yeah, when I took notice of Aputure releasing the VS-5 I was like 'YESSS YESS! 5"!'. Then... it turned out that the VS-5 is still a 7" monitor. :sweat_smile:

But Feelworld aka Seetec seems alright, especially when the F570 is under 200 bucks. I believe they're also the same as the Neway monitors one might've been seeing sold middleman-style by Vitaliy on Personal-View. http://www.newayhd.com/pro_32_1203.html which I believe are also similar to certain Ikans? Also saw another fella comparing it to an Andycine one, which I believe I heard of one time before. Seem to be the same hardware internals, with a different approach to housing it.

Yeah, 2018 probably has a couple of things in store for us. Still hoping for that sub $1k 5-ish inch 4K 10-bit recorder one day as well. Or even just as a little screenless box, the thought we've also been playing around with around here.

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