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Andrew Reid

New EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 and EOSHD Pro LOG comes to Sony cameras

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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
On 9/15/2017 at 1:26 PM, Andrew Reid said:

I am working on some upgrade discount for you guys for Pro Color 3.0 and Pro LOG.

Will be in touch by email!

I purchased the earlier versions, and just purchased 3.0 and Pro Log and the new LUTs as well as the three new pic profiles.

I you give a discount I don't want one. These tool are so good, the colors are so beautiful--gorgeous is a better word, the "C Log" and the LUTs for it combined with the three new pic profile settings are, IMO, worth their weight in gold.  The "Slog ii" works very well to and exposes well with the LUTs.
You're really improved and simplified use of these cameras in one fell swoop.
I've got them loaded in my a6500 and a7sii and they work fantastically well. I can't thank you enough. Now I believe I can use these cams with complete confidence my exposure is going to be good and the colors will be kiss ass good. Can't wait to test this out on the week end--with mostly FD primes. 

Andrew!! Thank you so much. Amazing.

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Edit: This wasn't properly converted to sRGB, so it's a bit more contrasty/saturated than what I've been seeing in Resolve, but it still shows off the skin tones:

Had a no-prep interview yesterday and I chose pro log S. Super happy with the resulting look on her skin. Compared to the amount of time I spend working with S Log3 I'd say this color profile is a real winner. This was on an FS5 shooting 10bit.


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Went to a hot pot restaurant with my wife and Sony a7sii....and a Canon fd f.1.2 lens. Shot this, minimal editing, all natural light. No color editing. The point? To show what the Pro color 3.0 upgrade "original" looks like "out of the box." Restaurant was very dark!---child's play for the a7sii


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Hello Andrew, I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work with EOSHD…I have been following for years and this is my first response on the forum.

Hi every one!

I hope in some way this is useful for the community, as I did a quick test of the ”EOSHD Pro Color Premium Bundle”.

If everything attaches properly you will see comparison shots of:

PP OFF_Sony Neutral 
PP 1_EOSHD Pro LOG Cinema
PP 4_EOSHD Pro Color Original

•    “Balanced” and “WideDR2” are the EOSHD Pro LUTs that are applied to Cinema / LOG S / LOG (no other adjustments).
•    “CC1” refers to slight final adjustments of exposure and contrast to more closely match the comparisons (no specific change of color or saturation in the post process).
•    The post process was done in Adobe Premiere with Lumetri Color panels
•    I doubled checked all settings and did a custom white balance of 5100K (no other adjustments)

•   Some shots where slightly over or under exposed, but I wanted to maintain ISO (800 / 3200) and aperture settings.

Lights that where used for the shoot: 
Key Light - Aputure LS 1 (5500K 40% Power) 
Hairlight - Aputure AL-528W (Default Daylight 50% Power)  
Fill - Silver Bounce (40Inch)

FYI…I have never used Sony’s built in Creative Styles or Picture Profiles since owning the camera, and realized after the fact that “Neutral” is actually close to a graded style. In hind sight, I am thinking I should have used “Standard” instead for the comparison.

I am very excited about the color of "EOSHD Pro LOG Cinema" and the freedom to move away from 3200 ISO, not sure how much loss in dynamic range there is but I will keep testing.

I apologies in advance if I have in any way misrepresented the ”EOSHD Pro Color Premium Bundle” in this test and I am open to any constructive criticism. 

EOSHD Pro 3 Test_Studio_CBG_Log_Capture.jpg

EOSHD Pro 3 Test_Studio_CBG_Log_LUTs.jpg

EOSHD Pro 3 Test_Studio_CBG_Log_CC1.jpg

EOSHD Pro 3 Test_Studio_CBG_Capture.jpg

EOSHD Pro 3 Test_Studio_CBG_CC1.jpg

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2 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Nice to see some amazing results come in. Will put them on the blog early next week!

I've been really enjoying shooting with these profiles and LUTs. Can't thank you enough. But I do have a question:
Did you ever fine a solution to the jitteriness of the image when using 5 axis stabilization with the a7sii? It makes me a little crazy. Will Sony ever address the problem?

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Hi Andrew, I messaged you direct through this site - is that the best way to contact you? Have some post sales questions having bought the Pro Colour / Pro Log for my FS5.




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Hi, Andrew.
I am using a6300 and purchased pro color 3.0.

In the PP1 and PP2 setting, since"colour depth changes don't apply to those models under S Gamut", so PP1 and PP2 in theory do not work best with A6300? 
But I also see your reply to markr041, you have tested it and"Colour is the same between A6300 and A6500 and very similar to the A7R II and A99 II".

Therefore, does it mean that, even though colour depth changes do not work for A6300 , the end result is still very similar to A7RII and A7SII?

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I decided to take the plunge and purchase 3.0 and my first impression is Wow! I've only tried out the Pro Log Cinema setting with the cinema luts, but what I've seen has been beautiful, gorgeous, and lovely--just like my wife :-).

A little background: I've been shooting with an A7sii since July 2016 and with an A6500 since November 2016. I've been on a constant hunt to find a color combination this picturesque since I have purchased the cameras. You name a color setting and I've probably tried it. I was hesitant to buy 3.0 because I bought the original EOSHD settings and didn't think they were anything special. but I admit that the samples by Ethan, Tom, and others piqued my interest and so I decided why not. I'm glad I did.

I've got a shoot later this week. I'll try and post examples this weekend.

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On 9/23/2017 at 9:34 AM, tomsemiterrific said:

Here's a video I just posted. Shot with the Sony a7sii using Prolog Cinema settings, using Pro Color -1 LUT.


Have you tried matching video shot/graded  using EOSHD 3.0 with video taken from an XC15?  If so, how did they match up. I'm on the fence about buying an XC15; but if the colors match, I could be persuaded.

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