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  1. Hi Andrew! Great guide and thaks for the discount! I have a question. Maybe it's me that misunderstand it, but in the guide you write: Also, some of the newer cameras have a Ambient White Balance mode (AWB). I recommend to enable this or dial the settings below (A-B G-M) into the camera white balance adjustment menu. Does this mean that I don't need to do the A-B G-M adjustment when using AWB?
  2. So always use the base ISO (800 on my A6500)? So when I have to overexpose 1-2 stops, I need to do that by adding more light to the scene or adjusting the aperture, right? Since the ISO has to be at 800. Do you always keep it at native ISO, or is there headroom to adjust to ISO to get the overexposure?
  3. Ok, so you're saying use a grey card to set all three custom WB. But I really have a problem hitting those values in the PDF. I can't dim or make my lights brighter. I really have a hard time figuring this out. I might not understand it completly. Anyone have a video guide? :-)
  4. So if I use a grey card to WB with the eoshd settings, do I then still do the B2M2 adjustments?
  5. I bought the PDF and I have an A6500. Maybe I'm not reading the manual right, but I really don't understand the white balance part. Or how I should achieve it I should say. Do I point the camera at a white- or grey card until I reach the K? Or just point the camera around without white- or great card? I think it's really hard to hit those numbers. Can I alternatively use a white card to white balance every time instead? And then make the B2M2 adjustment? One last thing. The PDF says that A6500 does not allow color depth adjustment while an S-Gamut color mode is selected. I can choose S-Gamut3.Cine and adjust Color Depth on my A6500. So do I keep the S-Gamut3.Cine color mode or Cine4 as the PDF states? Confusing.
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