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  1. Hello Andrew, I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work with EOSHD…I have been following for years and this is my first response on the forum. Hi every one! I hope in some way this is useful for the community, as I did a quick test of the ”EOSHD Pro Color Premium Bundle”. If everything attaches properly you will see comparison shots of: PP OFF_Sony Neutral PP 1_EOSHD Pro LOG Cinema PP 2_EOSHD Pro LOG S PP 3_EOSHD LOG PP 4_EOSHD Pro Color Original PP 5_EOSHD Color XR Notes: • “Balanced” and “WideDR2” are the EOSHD Pro LUTs that are applied to Cinema / LOG S / LOG (no other adjustments). • “CC1” refers to slight final adjustments of exposure and contrast to more closely match the comparisons (no specific change of color or saturation in the post process). • The post process was done in Adobe Premiere with Lumetri Color panels • I doubled checked all settings and did a custom white balance of 5100K (no other adjustments) • Some shots where slightly over or under exposed, but I wanted to maintain ISO (800 / 3200) and aperture settings. Lights that where used for the shoot: Key Light - Aputure LS 1 (5500K 40% Power) Hairlight - Aputure AL-528W (Default Daylight 50% Power) Fill - Silver Bounce (40Inch) FYI…I have never used Sony’s built in Creative Styles or Picture Profiles since owning the camera, and realized after the fact that “Neutral” is actually close to a graded style. In hind sight, I am thinking I should have used “Standard” instead for the comparison. I am very excited about the color of "EOSHD Pro LOG Cinema" and the freedom to move away from 3200 ISO, not sure how much loss in dynamic range there is but I will keep testing. I apologies in advance if I have in any way misrepresented the ”EOSHD Pro Color Premium Bundle” in this test and I am open to any constructive criticism.
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