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Redstan lensclamps for Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 16-H

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I'm new to this forum and lately got a wonderful Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 16-H lens for my 5D MKII. For attachment I'm looking for the front and back clamps of the famous redstan brand. I contacted the manufacturer several times via ebay and his website, but alas, until now, without any success. Any help and tips on this matter are kindly appreciated.

Thanks for any advice in advance!

Kind regards.

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really?, I got a response within 24 hours. got them yesterday. one thing i'll recommend is gettig the stepup or step down rings you need right away so that unlike me, when they come in you wont have your anamorphic and your clamps but still not able to use them lol. Its killing me not being able to play this weekend. 


You do want to contact him to make sure you get the appropriate clamps, im just not sure why its been so hard for you...

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Thanks a lot Rob for your comment. Well, that is strange indeed. Do you have an alternative email address or website where I can reach him? How did you get in contact with him?


Kind regards.

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Hi Tony/Red Stan, I've also been trying to get in touch with you about the front filter clamp for the Kowa 16H and the Optex, but after receiving your anamorphic clamp have not had a reply, neither on ebay or your yahoo. Hope that you still have some front filter clamps for sale. Thanks,


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      Kowa for B&H Bell & Howell 2x Anamorphic Scope On Ebay
      Price: $1,750.00

    • By Wolfy
      Kowa Prominar 16-H (Purple coating) - $1400
      - Excellent condition! No haze, fungus, scratches/chips in glass, focus is smooth. Comes with front/rear clamp and caps. Secondary flare renders a pretty blueish tone which complements the purple flare very nicely! Open to reasonable offers. Email ([email protected])
      - Payment - PayPal, buyer assumes PayPal fees
      - Shipping from Costa Mesa, CA - worldwide, buyer assumes shipping and insurance costs
      See test images/video below. (Shot with Leica R 50mm @ f2).

    • By Nocturnes
      This is a really cool lens that I unfortunstey haven’t had the chance to use yet. It is I believe the closest focusing single focus adapter of them all.
      currently has the cinelux inside of it but can take any 16 scope with the included adapter
      Free shipping in Us, cost varies for outside of US.
      Paypal ready.
      i also have a kowa 16-s for sale for $300

    • By DirectorCH
      Hello everyone,
      I am new to the forum and I am looking to build my first anamorphic rig. 
      I was wondering if anyone has a Kowa 8z or 16H they wouldn't mind parting with, I haven't seen any recently on the second hand market, and I am looking at that to be my first lens.
      Thanks a bunch! 
    • By Zalem
      Selling my Elmoscope-II with Redstan front clamp and Redstan front adapter for HCDNA* for $780 + shipping. Same lens as Kowa 16-H, 8-Z and B&H. The Elmoscope-II is in good condition and produces beautiful images. +$90 for the amazing rear two-piece adapter (clamp) from Redstan.

      The rear glass shows some scratches and tiny specs of internal dust which can be seen under a light source (barely visible to invisible otherwise). The front glass is in perfect condition aside from a very small stain at the very edge of the glass that is barely noticeable. I haven't seen these defects have any effect on the image quality as I was able to get sharp and beautiful results from it. Willing to share sample footage.

      The Redstan front clamp fits snugly and is very useful as it gives a 72mm thread and the ability to attach filters. The Redstan adapter gives 72mm to 75mm threads, enabling you to attach the HCDNA very safely.

      DM or comment if interested! Cheers.
      *I am not selling the HCDNA.
      Will post new pics with the date and eoshd written on a piece of paper if I get any response.

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