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Which GoPro best in combination with Panasonic GH3?


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I was offered the newest GoPro black edition for my birthday. We didn't buy it yet but while researching I red the newest GoPro's have a very low battery life. I'm combining GH3 footage with the GoPro footage.


- Which GoPro would you recommend?

- Perhaps the earlier version which has longer battery life? I don't want to take more then 2 batteries.

- Anybody experiences with the wasabi batteries?

- What things should I take into consideration when filming with both?


Thanxs for the help!

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GoPro black edition is the best


it auto exposes so be careful in varying light sources as it goes dark / light/ dark / light and you cant stop it!!


Thanxs - but how about battery life on this one? Red some bad reviews. What are your experiences Andy?

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read this:


Battery Life & Accessories

The slimmer Hero3 body also means less space in which to squeeze the battery. Although GoPro claims this hasn't had an issue on the battery's life, we were able to record only around 50 minutes of final footage, less at the higher frame rates and resolutions, and less again with Wi-Fi and the BacPac being used. That can limit battery to around 30 minutes, which is poor.


The battery also uses a three bar display system which we found dipped down to two bars rapidly. It's hard to judge the remaining time from such a display - something like a percentage system would be preferable; one that could adjust a "time remaining" display depending on the selected resolution and frame rate.


It is possible to buy a larger battery pack accessory, and we'd definitely recommend doing so. Alternatively spare batteries come in at £20 a pop which, all things considered, isn't too bad. If you anticipate a full day on the slopes/in the sky/wherever you happen to be then power is the last thing that you'll want to worry about when making unavoidably lengthy recordings over multiple runs. But for some - say deep-sea scuba divers - there won't be the chance to change the battery, so its limitations become your limitations.

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