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The amount of handheld these days


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Does anyone else get annoyed by this? I'm not talking about quickie vimeo tests either, I mean proper commercials/TV shows/Movies with a budget.

Especially with ads. I'm seeing more and more handheld... and not the good, heavy, weighted handheld. The microjitter, I'm holding a light camera kind of handheld.

Often with stuff that's lit well, colored well, sounds well...

I'm starting to appreciate the good ol' tripod. 

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a nicely framed locked off shot works for me - but i dont have ADD. Handheld often but not always reveals a lack of training / discipline and subconsciously breaks the fourth wall as it reveals to your mind at a camera was involved. Weighted / heavy handheld hat matches narrative / stress in a scene is ok


Having said all that i like Casey Neistat's jump cut handheld aesthetic - and for sure that is influencing a lot of "do it because you cant" crew

 but he combines it with a get to the point editing style that i really like - but would only apply to suitable content.


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Good hand held is good handheld - and i like yours! And it matches the content and feel really nicely

 The comment was aimed at others...

I actually use a monopod when i want that weighty handheld being there feel, or for POV shots. With my GH5 inbound and its IBIS i get to leave my monopod in the car! 

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3 hours ago, Zak Forsman said:

What movies have you seen with microjittery handheld camerawork?

Nothing major, so I can't think of any names. Mostly indie stuff I've seen online that looks+sounds good and mentioned having a budget. That and ads, lots of ads as a scroll my FB feed.


I have nothing against handheld. I like it when it works, and when it's physically done well. When it looks like a heavy camera that someone is doing a good job of holding pretty steady. Not the jittery, excessive I stuff i see often today. 

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I shoot both , it depends on the job , my handheld footage is on a shoulder rig and I add lead weights to the back to make it as heavy as possible so no micro gitter -tearing of frames - which I hate , I like smooth hand held not Jason Bourne /Paul Greengrass /Oliver Woods hand held wobble cam which can be a bit much on certain jobs .

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