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EM1 II sensor DXOmark Score, I wanna believe it:)


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Friendly forum member and contributor @hoodlum posted the DXO Mark score of the EM1 II sensor in the GH5 footage thread.

A sports/noise score of 1300ISO, similar to the Nikon D500. Would love to believe that!


What does that mean for the GH5 in sensor quality and for real life video application? We will see.

Luke Neumanns examples look really promising already.

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5 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

In my experience, at least for video the low light is definitely not significantly better than the Panasonic G85!

Yeah from what I have seen it is not even a full stop better than the GH4. Half a stop maybe. Which is better than none.

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We can already see from DXOMark and from other tests what Olympus has done with this sensor.  Olympus has decided to use the lower noise to provide more highlight headroom.  They are underexposing the image in RAW while converters such as Adobe are reapplying the exposure back in.  The end effect is much less chance of highlight clipping while the low level noise is not improved over the older sensor.   I presume Olympus is doing the same with video.  You can always adjust the exposure to change this.  The GH5 may implement this sensor differently.

Here is one RAW example comparing the E-M1 and E-M1ii that shows this (about half way down the page).  





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1 hour ago, Don Kotlos said:

As much as I want to believe, there is something wrong here. I am not sure if it sample variation or measurement error, but this is the first example that there is such a big difference between DXOMark and the tests by DPReview. 

 Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 11.03.02 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 11.02.27 AM.png


By default Olympus is using the lower noise floor of the sensor to extend highlights instead of reducing dark noise. DPReview is using the default underexposed RAW file from E-M1ii.  Adobe automatically increases exposure when brought into LR which is why they seem to have the same exposure.  DXOMark measures the noise for all sensors at the same brightness (18%SNR) and that is where the noise is similar to the D500.


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Looks good.

Just bear in mind that the manufacturers ISO settings against what DXO measures is significantly lower than most (almost all) cameras.

IE D500  manufacturers ISO 100 setting measures at ISO 75 while E-M1 ii ISO 200 measures at ISO 83.

If you look at the SNR 18% chart on DXO, the lines for the two cameras run very close together but if you look at the numbers, the ISOs adjacent are a stop apart so for example, if you look at the settings that give you around 24db, while the lines are together, the Nikon is getting 24.6db at ISO 6400 on the camera (measuring at ISO 4705)  while the Oly is getting 23.9db at ISO 12800 but it is measuring at only ISO 5505.       Just about all cameras measure low but this is below just about everything (except maybe the GH4 at ISO 25600).


While there is nothing wrong with that, I don't think it is entirely apples to apples.

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