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    Geoff CB

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    • By Teemu
      Wanted to share this latest music video project that was just released. Comments are all welcome!
    • By squig
      A concept short I shot for my upcoming feature GAMMA The Years of Darkness with a 5D Mark III (pre raw), Leica 35 and 90mm Summicron-r, and a Sigma 20mm f/1.8 for the first shot. I've upscaled it to 4k for the best playback quality.
      November 23 2019: the cull order is initiated. Six billion lives sacrificed in a cataclysmic nuclear war. Hunted by merciless eradication squads, a lone rebel crew must atone for man’s sins, and face the enemy within.
      Please share on youtube.
    • By JR Lipartito
      As it's almost Halloween I thought it would be fun to start a thread for everyone to share their own horror short films.
      Mine is a a three-chapter Lovecraftian miniseries titled "The Crawler in the Dark". The story is about two scholars who discover an ancient artifact with which they can psychically explore across space and time, but leaves them unwittingly exposed to a malevolent psychic traveller:
      Chapter 1: Eplilogue
      Chapter 2: Old Friends
      Chapter 3: The Traveler
      And here is a film I shot last year, but recently re-released in it's original 4K resolution. Titled "No Face", it's about a supernatural entity lurking inside a survival horror video game.
      Both films were shot mostly at YouTube Space Tokyo during their Jidaigeki (period film) and House of Horrors limited programs for local YouTube creators. Most of "No Face" with the GH4 and SLR Magic 10mm Cine bolted to a custom helmet rig, and "The Crawler in the Dark" was shot anamorphic using the GH4 with the SLR Magic 1.33x Anamorphot adapter and Sigma 18-35.
      I hope you enjoy my horror films, and share yours as well!
    • By Bozzie
      A broken promise between Archangel Michael and Lucifer threatens the birth of Man. 
    • By ruanlotter
      Elise is a very short horror film that we shot during halloween! Enjoy!!

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