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omg, a Sony FS7 mk2 might be coming???


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3 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

Great minds think alike! ;-) 

Some of the features of the FS5 (such as its new ND filter, and the slimmer body), and not needing the XDCA (yet still having all its features), would both be nice

And yea I'm pretty sure the variable ND is coming. 

What other new features will it have?

Will the FS7 mark I go down in price?

How much will the mark II cost?

Will it have an option to shoot pro res 444 in cam? Or raw in cam????

Image stabilization????????

What do you think?

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At some point that 8K sensor in the A7Rii will evolve into an 8K video sensor. Possibly with full sensor readout down sampled to 4K. Could appear in an FS7 body, with 6K readout from the S35 crop. They didn't decide on that form factor without having some future plans for it. In a bigger body they may be able to boost the readout speed without frying the electronics.

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6 hours ago, BrorSvensson said:

DPAF for sure, its the only thing the C300 ii really beats it in.

DPAF with Canon lenses? Fast, simple menus? Skintones out of camera? Rolling shutter? (~6ms on C300 II). CLog 2 ARRI settings look really nice with little effort- an ARRI clone with PDAF on Canon lenses.

Sony is slowly getting better skintones with every new camera release; would expect the FS7 II to be closer to Canon/ARRI in skintones vs. the FS7 I. For someone without a lot of Canon lenses, the FS7 II will be a nice option for sure.

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I'm sure Sony could wait a bit longer to release this. 

That said, the FS7 is a great camera release and so many people are using it. i could only image an incremental update if it's true (variable ND) - they have an F55 and F5 to protect. 

If they get to F65/F35 color and have better autofocus though - I don't see any reason to have a Canon C-series. 

Looking forward to using my new FS5 at the weekend. Hooray!!

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