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Dr. Verbel'

35NAP 2-3M (mod) – precision, light streaks, bokeh

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Thanks! Yet double focus, now I waiting for big focusing lenses. Focusing method of current setup



With some skills time to capture focus in my case around 10 sec max. Minimum config now is two lenses in 3D-printed frames. Bellows can be added also.

You can make for yourself, buy this cheap lens on ebay (look for good condition), info of rehousing and drawings for 35NAP 2-3M here https://www.facebook.com/groups/verbascope/ If some additional questions, please welcome to PM.

4 hours ago, Ric said:

This is fantastic work - some great looking images. 

How difficult is it to work with? Would love to try this out on some narrative projects. Are you selling these?


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2M - this is not in real life. 35NAP family - 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 2-3M. 2-3, 2-3M bigger and heavier than 2-2, 2-4. Optic scheme the same, image look similar. 2-2, 2-4 looks a little sharper, but if good aligned lenses, all will be good. minimum focus distance, if not modded - 8-10 m. If modded, starts from 35-40 cm, but I recommend to shoot from 1m. to close focus - little squeeze. Also present 35NAP 1-1, but I didn't come across.

5 minutes ago, Grimor said:

What of those 35NAP is better for modding?

Is the last number (3M, 2M) the minimun focus distance?


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Early test single focus for 35NAP family. (35NAP 2-2 | Helios 44-2 F:2 | Sony A6300) At the moment, there was a test of possibility of a single focus on these large lenses. The test is done on small lenses, large diameter lenses will be manufactured. Sorry for jitter, pic of DIY body for single below :grimace: And question, my friends -  how do you think, you need a single focus for 35NAP family, these large lenses?





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Different modifications of old soviet anamorphic projector lenses:
Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association (BelOMA) (former - Minsk Mechanical Works named after S.I. Vavilov (MMW)
35-NAP-2-3, 35-NAP-2-3M

Rogachev plant "Diaprojector"…

Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Association named after V. I. Lenin (JSC LOMO)
35NAP2-2, 35NAP2-4

Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant, Lenkinap



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