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35NAP 2-3M (mod) – precision, light streaks, bokeh

Dr. Verbel'

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51 minutes ago, Flynn said:

Love those flares. I guess this is 2x? Just looked it up on ebay and these lenses are pretty cheap but huge. What kind of setup are you using?

Hi! Yes, 2x, but in this distance (1m ~ 3 ft) stretching less than 2x. Now I use this construction. Setup written in video.

But it's very heavy for me and my back, if I don't use a tripod :-( but the cheapest solution :blush: I'm working on a lightweight design and single focus (make from 2x to 1.33x, if possible) for this lens.

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Some useful links, parts of construction:

Camera accessories Fotomate LP-02 high quality 200mm Range 2-Way Macro Focusing Rail Slider Plate 1/4 Screw for DSLR Camera


Photo Studio Accessories aluminium alloy Rail System 15mm Rod Rig Grundplatte Mount for DSLR Follow Focus Rig 5D2 5D3


2pcs 40cm Length 15mm Diameter Black Aluminum Alloy Rod Rail Mount for Canon Nikon DSLR Camera Camcorder DV Rig Cage


FOTGA DP3000 M1 Steady Shoulder Support Pad For DSLR Rod System 15mm Rig NI5L


Drawings by Alexey Bravo AlexKubrak85@gmail.com. All questions to him. Necessary before printing checks all sizes to fit your lens and mount


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1 hour ago, Flynn said:

Damn, that is looking good.

Is that snow on the ground in the last picture?

Thanks! No, so much grading. Overdose :grin:

1 hour ago, Justin Bacle said:

This looks great ! These flares are Epic !
Is focusing easy enough ?

Is there any chance you could share the 3d files for 3D printing so that I can use it as a base design for mine (after verifying dimensions) ?

Thanks! For double focus bearable :-) Focus prime lens, combine with anamorphic lens, lock position of the camera, focus in my case rear anamorphic lens. Front lens locked. You may lock rear, move for focus front lens. In future I will make bellows, because in some cases rear and side light prevents the image. For accurate lens positioning is sometimes necessary to sway one of the lens slightly to the left and right. Sorry, I couldn't share. :anguished: Drawings by Alexey Bravo AlexKubrak85@gmail.com. All questions to him. Necessary before printing CHECKS all sizes to fit your lens and mount. 3D complete filling for printing. For black frames solid plastic, for mount (red in my case) more plastic plastic )))


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