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Cannot post. Ebrahim Saadawi.

Guest 'Ebrahim Saadawi'

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4 minutes ago, Ed_David said:

1. Hire a private investigator

2. Hire a muscle to get your money back

3. Write it off

4. Set up a go fund me

5. Find the list again of his friends....have us all instagram them at the same time

6. Do nothing and instead take it as a life lesson

7. Go to egypt yourself and have a meeting. He gave you his address.

You're making it amusing. I believe that is unfair to the victims as well as encouraging an international con artist.

Also this is definitely not a One Off. He is a pathological liar and fraud. 

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Yeah, this is some troubling stuff. The selfdestructiveness and irrationality...

Just to give a follow up on my and @IshootbeforeItalk's (Tomas) experience since that megathread ended: under the pressure here, ES sent Tomas his Rangefinder to sell and make up for our loss. It was working but had a wonky rear thread, that meant we had to sell it with a discount. So we're still in the red (around 125 euro combined), but it's something...

Now I just hope ES can come to his senses and clean up the mess he's made. But I guess his apparent inability or unwillingness is part of his issues... :confused:

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6 hours ago, sanveer said:

I would not be surprised if his Scams run into Hundreds of Thousands.

Oh, please.

Why do people keep acting like there are billions of people on this planet who care about video on DSLR or mirrorless cameras?   This is a fairly niche field.  EOSHD is probably one of the top five places in the world to talk about this stuff and I'm almost certain there are cat forums that have bigger more active memberships.

You jokers are the only people I can talk to about this stuff because no one in the real world where I live has heard of it.

Ebrahim Saadawi is a very troubled young man with obvious psychological problems.  But let us please keep this is perspective.

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