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Magix Sony VEGAS Pro 14 to have native Prores support & cost $199 only


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So I just found out that Magix acquired sony Vegas Pro with the whole Sony Creative Suite, and just announced a new version that will launch in September.

But what they seem to highlight as the newest feature beside a redesign along with 4k and HEVC Hardware Acceleration support, is the native ProRes capabilities and support. So will this be the go to Prores editing software for Windows users ?

They also lowered the price from $600 to $200 and are giving Vegas Pro 14 for free if you purchase the 13 !!

Thoughts ?

Here is the offer link http://www.magix.com/us/specials/vegas/exclusive-welcome-offer/

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The main problem with ProRes in Vegas was that in timeline it was limited to 8 bit only. Even if you force the project to 32 bit float and got 12 bit 4444 source the Quicktime ProRes always stay 8 bit in timeline and final render. And its because Vegas used native Windows Quicktime decoder which is limited o 8 bit system wide. Also Quicktime files got crazy gamma shift when placed to timeline. Maybe they mean they fixed this ancient bugs and added ProRes export option?

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On 8/11/2016 at 4:14 AM, liork said:

Well, in Vegas 13, if you have a modern GPU from last 2 years or so, you have to disable it on rendering and use only CPU, or the software will freeze...

I've had that issue too! Running an Nvidia GTX 970. I'm running a Xeon x5680 hex core processor, so it has to manage the work.

Looking forward to 14. Do we know if it's a complete re-write? That may cause me hesitation, as it may be riddled with new bugs. I've owned licenses to Magix Movie edit pro as well. It was alright, but Vegas Pro is a much more professional solution.

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