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  1. I never write scripts i let them do it or explain it to me, than i ask lots of question on (locations, extras, props, transportation,budget ect..) that way i can find the weak spots, and offer alternative so that everything goes smooth.
  2. Install the miraizon codec to sony vegas and you can render every prores format, uncompress, hq, 422, lt, proxy.
  3. maybe with this http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/840777-REG/Dot_Line_CS_SWIVI_SWIVI_External_Monitor_for.html
  4. Yes 500$ to a 1000$ is good, they liked the footage? they will pay...
  5. If they want the files or make any other changes to your kind gesture, charge them for a full video shooting editing included, as for the footage, the shots that they are not in it, you can use it for what ever you want b-rolls ect...(exemption if they pay you dont use those shots afterwards) but if they are in it i wouldn't use those shots, as if they own the footage they dont . next time ask more questions and to everyone that is involve, or else it can go bad pretty quick
  6. Thanks yes i was lol now i just need to find a strap .
  7. Did some tests with the beholder ds1 and a lighter setup than the 5d, tried it with the sony rx10 II i used the step up plate and the lighter profile took me 5 minutes and was good to go
  8. Just got the ds1and did some tests still need to practice my walk
  9. Sebv

    Lunar eclipse

    did some tests with pictures seams like the best results were to expose for the shadow of the eclipse meaning overexposing the rest of the moon that way you would see the red and details of the eclipse
  10. havent we seen this product like 3 years ago ?
  11. Sebv

    Pilotfly H1+

    http://cinescopophilia.com/nebula-4200-5-axis-gyroscope-stabilizer-full-details/ 1.6 kilo with this one
  12. what i am saying is you should have synched your shutter speed (50) with the frequency of the lights inside or close the lights inside and do what ever shutter speed you want
  13. If in pal you could have shot it at 25 fps with a shutter speed of 50 would have been fine or shoot at 50 fps with a shutter speed of 100 or more but with all the light inside closed using natural lighting from the windows and boosting your exposure no prob
  14. did you try shooting at 30 or 24 fps with 50 shutter speed ? maybe it would have solved your problem what was that natural light coming thru the window , street lights in night time ?
  15. Battery seems to drain lot faster using hfr but not that bad for a 4k camera
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