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4K / 2K MJPEG?

Andrew Reid

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I see the NX1 and NX500 have an MJPEG codec, but it's only used for the 640x480 recording mode.

But the codec is there, right? Maybe we could persuade it to record at a higher resolution and bitrate in 4:2:2 like the Canon 1D C. (Ok, wild leap there, but any improvement would be an interesting discovery).

Also the silent shutter, in this mode it does raw from a rolling shutter scan of the sensor, just like a video mode... the raw data must be lurking in the buffer somewhere whilst it runs in video mode... now what we need is a genius to dive in a grab it :)

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On ‎3‎/‎22‎/‎2016 at 9:23 PM, SMGJohn said:

Chant said he might look into increasing resolution and maybe bitrate for the MJPEG, honestly I think the focus should be more on the MJPEG rather than the HEVC which is just painful to work with already and any higher bitrate will make it even more painful to work with than it already is, so instead of having a thorn in our bums, MJPEG would be the better pick here for easy editing.

I never worked with MJPEG but you are making a lot of sense. The HEVC codec is so demanding on the system. Hopefully we can get high quality files with minimum processing out of the mjpeg as well

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25 minutes ago, sandro said:

yup and even though size will raise a lot it doesn't matter since sd card are so cheap right now

yup I'm willing to deal with big file sizes for better bit rates & compression. Its time to really take advantage of the nx1's unique sensor

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I am definitely out of the loop on the NX-KS patch ever since he decided to focus his interactions on his facebook page oppose to on here and DPreview but last I understood was that it was only possible to change the resolution setting of given slots in the menu eg set UHD to the HD setting.

I was told by Vasile who helped discover this mod that the first thing he tried was to replace VGA-MJPEG with UHD and it doesn't work :(http://***URL removed***/forums/post/57862276

Perhaps Kinoseed has discovered a new mod I am not aware of though.

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NX500/NX1 have programmable hardware and in essence you set up the hardware which resized the input for the encoder. We found the registers, but working with them directly is problematic as soon as you update part of the registers stream gets out of sync and drops out (outerbeat gets the credit for that one). Modifying the encoder's resolution can't be effective at all by itself, as no matter how you change it's recording resolution the feeding video will be already downsized. This at least should be quite clear. :)
You can change any resolution to any other (with NX-KS it was available even for the last firmware) as they in fact only shuffle the available resolution, so you don't set anything "real".

When it comes to MJPEG, something similar will be much easier achievable by setting  IPeriod: 1 (or 0?), thus forcing HEVC with I-frames only. This is something that I shared with the vasile more than a month ago, when there was still some illusion for cooperative work. ; )  My linux skills are far less advanced and takes me more time to figure some of the things, and this was not on my list.


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