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  1. I started already (but will be away until Aug)- see here for details.
  2. :-) well, it does exactly what it says on the tin, nothing less, nothing more :-). And yes, this is my objective: make it seamless as much as possible because bluetooth becomes real tedious real quick (well, that's actually a lie, actually my main real purpose is to get my 16-50S but not there yet)...
  3. nx-patch v5.3 is out. One point of interest to videographers: killall switch added which basically returns camera to factory settings (until battery pull) EXCEPT for the already set bitrates. Pull battery to reactivate mod UI.
  4. Better wait a bit, most likely a new version out tomorrow.
  5. I am now doing groundwork for mods that will be a lot more advanced. This is why you are likely to not see any visible progress for a while. In essence I am trying to zombify the di-camera-app to enable bi-directional communications between it and my mod infrastructure, and to introduce the possibility to "drive" it from the mod runtime.. If successful this should allow many things, potentially including native UI integration, true BBAF, native integration of focus stack & focus pull, etc. etc. My plan is to make it an extensible and open framework upon which others might build on (e.g. Otto) to deliver things that work in coordinated manner with the native app, and that are aware of what the native app does. This will allow, for example, to have the UI permanently up to date regardless of what the mod does (as opposed to today where mods do not update the UI because they are independent of di-camera-app). NB. Nothing above is a promise or commitment and you do not see any timeline, do you? PS. I still covet that lens ;-)
  6. Short answer: no progress. This will take a long time and I am trying to do things with a lot more impact first. You should check this from time to time - I keep it up to date, and you will save some time by just checking it. rgds
  7. this. Run out of slots to enable. Any NX500 beta testing volunteers please PM me.
  8. 1. no idea, you should experiment with your card 2. this will require deep interference with di-camera-app. Basically I would need to zombify di-camera-app and make it play my tune. Possible and I am working towards that because I would like to achieve a better BBAF which requires the same type of interference. But definitely not short term and may not even be achievable. NB. This is not a promise and you did not see any time frame above, did you?
  9. Did not have time to look into this since: http://***URL removed***/forums/post/57641348 http://***URL removed***/forums/post/57635337 But there's no way I can see to influence this from di-camera-app or any Tizen-land application. From the looks of it it is managed inside the T-Kernel. And this I don't even know where to start on.
  10. long presses are not supported by Otto's keyscan... How about double click on the button to illuminate top lcd?
  11. well, EV+OK never worked for me on my NX1 although I am using the same keyscan fro Otto.
  12. I do not know - on my camera EV always generates double events and it is impossible to combine it with OK :-( I could change it in the release but it would be untested by me - or I could put in a disclaimer that it does not work for me.
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