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  1. i wonder why the hackers did not try that?
  2. After all that progress in the last few weeks , any new hope for silent shutter NX1? thanks all for the very good work
  3. nice summery, why there is no silent shutter for the NX1, sounds as a nice feature
  4. wow, nice and clean. why u did not used one of ur s lenses with stabilization?
  5. New nx500 for 500 USD, sound as a good price matching its name. the offer for 24 hr though! https://www.komplett.dk/product/837650/digital-foto-video/systemkamera/kameraer/samsung-nx500-16-50mm-ois-brun
  6. try to reset and install fresh firmware
  7. after 5 f**king hours , i finally know whats wrong. its the SD card reader that I recently bought. that was unexpected to me
  8. suddenly i have this glitch in every clip , i tried to change setting , rest ..etc but the issue still there!! plz help
  9. I would like to donate for 6.5K H2.65 upgarde even if its for 10 second duration
  10. What a coincident! I bought mine today used in copenhagen for about 1500 USD with the 16-50mm S lense and battery grip. i will enjoy watching the rest of your review while huging my NX1 camera! thanks for the great work
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