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New Era - consumer cameras that are shooting at very high frame rates like 120fps in HD


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There were all the rumors about GH3 that gonna shoot 720p @ 120 fps like LX7 and FZ200 but unfortunately Panasonic decided to turn it down.


Ever since LX7 became the very first pocketable camera that shoot 720p @ 120fps, CES 2013 panasonic just announced 20x zoom ZS30 that can shoot 720 @ 120fps. YES! which means you can literally get similar high speed quality from FZ200 which can perfectly fit in your POCKET.


samples below to view the quality of FZ200 in high speed recording:





I am quite certain that the camera industry is actually capable of making consumer cameras to film 1080p 120fps NOW but they decided to delay it for marketing purposes. I am so keen to see an incredible pocket camera like RX100 that can shoot at such level if http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/23/aptina-unveils-1-inch-sensor-with-120fps-1080p-video-likely-for-nikon/ is true.


All the cameras I mentioned above cost around $300-600.

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cool.  thanks for sharing.  on the consumer level hopefully the optics when max zoomed don't suffer from some noticeable chromatic aberration, especially at high frame rates

It is inevitable that these point and shoot tiny sensor cameras will have noticeable chromatic aberration.


Sony is going to release its Full Frame Nex in the coming year, its definitely going to be huge and epic. However, I am quite certain that such form factor will not be allowed to shoot some 240fps at HD or even 120fps as it would seriously hurt the sales of FS700.

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Yes the FZ200 only does high speed at VGA resolution of 640*480. There's usually one component in the mix of current cameras designed to prevent hacking for high-speed shooting, such as buffer, AD speed, heat dissipation etc etc, as manufacturers are well aware of the hackers' abilities.


So yes they could make it for very little cost, but it's only competition that will force the hand. One company need to make the plunge and others will follow. Unfortunately, BMD had a good start in their niche (ultra-high image quality), but fell at the hurdle of actually building the things and getting them to people who've paid for them, and so it goes on.


There's no incentive for big player to compete with someone who can't actually deliver the product to users' hands reliably.


Sony don't mind giving even their relatively recent products a good kicking (F3 for example) and are also manufacturers of great sensors for Nikon and many others, so I'd have thought they'll be one of the first to do high speed cheaply and well.

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Yes the FZ200 only does high speed at VGA resolution of 640*480. There's usually one component in the mix of current cameras designed to prevent hacking for high-speed shooting, such as buffer, AD speed, heat dissipation etc etc, as manufacturers are well aware of the hackers' abilities.


I would stay away from shooting VGA resolution, the videos above are all FZ200 - 1280*720 HD resolution at 120fps.


Andrew did mention that he loved his FZ200, just wondering if he had any footages on hands and how he thinks about this subject  :)

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In CES last week, Panasonic announced the new Travel Zoom series flagship model - TZ40 aka ZS30. According to the spec of its official website, it's going to shoot 720p, 120fps like FZ200. It's going to be the first pocketable ultra zoom camera that can shoot at such high speed.

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