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Weird.  Re-upped the file this afternoon to fix a gamma issue that made the online stream look a little too dark.  I thought I didn't have to worry about that since this was the first time doing the whole thing, besides the opening motion-graphic, on my Windoze laptop.  It's my first time using the Avid uncompressed format instead of ProRes too though so maybe there's some black magic in that I'm not versed in yet.



edit: it's worth noting that I'm never using my Tokina in here.  I never open up beyond f2.8 but there are still times I'm able to get acceptable focus at well under a meter from the lens...I wasn't always fast enough though, lol, as I'm twisting the barrel here and didn't have my follow-focus attached.  There at the end I'm pretty sure I was sitting on the armrest near my nephew and I was able to just get focus on the Raisinettes and blow-pop he holds up to the lens pretty close.  I'm operating the camera same as the picture in my avatar, using my P&C pistol grip attached to the GH2 and my Carry Speed viewfinder.

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