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The Panasonic GH3 is here

Andrew Reid

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[quote name='KarimNassar' timestamp='1347951588' post='18421']
that's funny because when I saw this footage my reaction was were the hell is the high dynmic range?
Highlights and shadows are burned out and the footage is too contrasted, dslr like.
Looks no better than the gh2 to me but I know I must not make a judgement on a single video, so I am not, and waiting for more footage.

I agree, that test shot, I did not like. Though it might be based on the shooters taste. Waiting for more samples :D
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@markm Yep...We definitely need to learn a lot more. So far there have been some really great things, but I feel a lot of reservation about buying this camera. I havent seen anything (yet) that bea

[quote name='bradleyg5' timestamp='1347889688' post='18338'] I'm still not getting it, my 5dII with Alexs hack can record above 50mbit/sec h.264, so that's hardly game changing. All-I is an inefficie

[quote name='Axel' timestamp='1348061545' post='18582'] Remember that, properly lit, one seldom had any banding issues with the GH2. The Bloom film [i]was[/i] properly lit. After reading [url="http:/

all of the changes really sound fantastic. however the verge names a price point of just under 2000$ and for that price i would like to bring back the crop discussion. especially if the new sensor isnt multi aspect. that means a 2x crop for video.

at that price the question comes up if i shouldnt spend an extra 800$ and get the A99 which is Full Frame. There isnt any footage yet, but i imagine that sony worked their magic on video quality and that camera really looks like a dream. sony has really impressed me in the passed weeks, showing of technology that other companies can only dream of.

in other words. with all the amazing new stuff they put in the GH3, the M43 sensor now seems not enough. Everything appears as an professional powerhouse of features, but the sensor is even smaller than before, which many people see as the most important hardware component in a camera. i would sacrifice a little sharpness for a more cinematic look of FF any day.
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[quote name='Xiong' timestamp='1347964598' post='18433']
I agree, that test shot, I did not like. Though it might be based on the shooters taste. Waiting for more samples :D

shooters taste aside, he got the gh3 before anyone else and all he does with it is shoot random stuff in the streets?

What about challenging the camera to see what it is capable off?

Go through high dynamic range setups, test the rolling shutter, duplicate the shots with the gh2 to compare, make a video with the different iso ranges to see which ones are usable, test the different video formats, movie modes, test to see how well the footage holds up in post-production with the new codec etc...etc...

I know most likely he will come up with more vids, but I don't think I am being too demanding of gh3 testers to come up with something more than a cat on a chair shot with no preparation what so ever
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@KarimNassar Got to agree with you on that. Its also great to see high profile cinematographers shoot sweet looking video but without knowing all the tech behind the shoot we don't know what sort of animal we are dealing with. Need to compare apples with apples.

I too am looking forward to how the Sony A99 & VG900 shape up. I wonder who will be the first to bring out a lower priced FF video camera. Canon have played their cards with the C100/C300 and all the jizz in the P&S range and the fazing out of the Mark II and putting out the 6D which are mainly stills cameras that shoot pretty good video. My needs are video more than stills.

So far the Panny is looking sweet and would fit straight into my needs. The BMC looks great too but I'd need to spend big to make it all worthwhile. Perhaps next year for that one.
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It does use 4 x 4 and 8 x 8 scaling matrixes according to Nicks tests on Personal View.
He described it as incredibly efficient

Direct quotes
>Luma Samples 5,652,480 (around 2.5 times more luma samples are observed than on the GH2)
>Macroblocks 22,080 (nearly 3 times more than the GH2)
>Straight edged vertical/horizontal highlights receive 4x4 pmode encoding.
>8x8 mode for most of everything else.
>Max video bit rate for video coding layer in kbit/s for High Profile level 5, 168,750
(well over twice the power of the Gh2's level 4.1)

So all that sounds really good.
I too am extremely disappointed at no Multi Aspect (almost a deal breaker) but it obviously is offering a lot.
We will see...I guess.
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[quote name='markm' timestamp='1347961787' post='18429']
The footage still looks soft especially in lower light levels. I would think this could be on par with a canon mark3

Yeah a lot of people are saying that the clips (P Blooms also) look plenty sharp, I just dont agree, some shots are good.
Even in the large 1080P MP4 file...shots like the aireal shot of the guy lying on the bed at 8 sec is really soft and the shot at 18 sec...is not that sharp either.
The thing that worries me is nothing is sharp in those shots, so its probably not just a lens being slightly out of focus.
Anyway I guess I am pixel peeping, I would like to see more, the detail on the cat was great tho, but its 720P.
I dunno time will tell I guess.
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Still 4:2:0 for HDMI out.

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Astro The cat was fairly close so that could help it look more detailed. It's true though every shot I look at looks soft. To me although the cat looked sharper than the others it was still soft. I'm wondering if this is some sort of aliasing filter or conversion from the sensor like the softness in the D4 or noise reduction or combination and if so can any of it be turned off OR does it look better in one of the crop modes. Maybe the production camera lens mount was out fractionally or loose. Hopefully this will be resolved.
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Yep...We definitely need to learn a lot more.
So far there have been some really great things, but I feel a lot of reservation about buying this camera.
I havent seen anything (yet) that beats the GH2 as far as video is converned in terms of clarity (I dont like to use the word sharpness...cause I have mine to -2)...just detail...good solid clean detail.
Where was it in those room shots especially the wider ones, it was really soft (everything was), it just amazes me people cant see that.
I know the GH2 has the limited dynamic range, but if you shoot in the right circumstances it is not a big issue really (for me)
and the Zacuto shootout showed that also.
But that softness would get to me, its what I did not like about the 5D Mk 3 ...although the GH3 is not nearly as bad, it does not look (from these early videos) to look as detailed as the GH2 sadly...I hope I am wrong, I want to be wrong.
We will see.
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After downloading both Genesis and that cat vid off of vimeo, my first though it that it looks like slightly softer MK III style footage at first glance. Not to say that footage like that is awful, just that the GH2 might have the edge in the detail. Could be any number of reasons, though.

Hopefully when more samples come out, I'll be proven wrong.
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